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Art car star: ‘Orange Is the New Black’ star Taryn Manning spins at EDC

Catch Taryn on EDC’s Kalliope Art Car Sunday night from 3 to 4 a.m.
Deanna Rilling

Fans fresh off binge-watching the new season of Orange Is the New Black on Netflix might be surprised to see a familiar face behind the decks on EDC’s Kalliope Art Car Sunday night from 3 to 4 a.m. Taryn Manning, who plays Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett on the show, has also been moonlighting in the music industry for years, first with her brother as Boomkat and now as a DJ.

You’ve been DJing for a long time and went to the Scratch DJ Academy a decade ago. Where did your love of DJing come from? It started with a love of music. A lot of my influences were turntablists or hip-hop [artists], and it turned into a love of dance music. ... It [also] started with my brother Kellin; he’s a breakdancer, too. [When] I went [to Scratch DJ Academy] I already had turntables, but I wanted to be respectful to the craft. They don’t use Serato or anything; they go from the roots with vinyl, and you’re marking the vinyl and counting in the beats and all that stuff. It was really cool.

What genres will you be working into your EDC set? I’m going to play a lot of stuff that’s mine and a lot of stuff from all the DJs I respect the sh*t out of, and all the bangers. I mean future bass, trap, dubstep, a lot of house and deep house, just everything that’s cool and works together. I’m not genre-specific, I’m more open format in the sense of wanting to please the crowd. They’re there for dance music, but we all know how people love to hear hip-hop, too.

Do you have any new tracks people should listen for in your set? I just put out a song called “GLTCHLFE” on May 5, and that’s also going to be on the compilation for EDC. It’s a dance song, and there’s about 25 different remixes of it for every format… I also have a track with Sultan & Shepard, “Send Me Your Love,” that went to No. 1 on the Billboard Dance charts a few years ago.

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