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Going beyond (banned) LED gloves to keep things moving at EDC

Gear up with glowing crop tops, shoes and more.

If you went to EDC prior to 2011, you’ve been witness to “gloving.” The decade-old art form grew out of raves and electronic dance events, but LED light gloves—white Mickey Mouse-style gloves with lights in the fingertips—have been banned by Insomniac events for the past six years due to their perceived association with drug culture. Other large-scale EDM festivals have followed in EDC’s footsteps in recent years.

But don’t worry. There are still plenty of LED and high-tech products on the market that are welcomed at EDC, from poi (tethered weights originally used in the traditional Maori dance) to kaleidoscope and diffraction goggles.

LED shoes were spotted all over festival grounds last year, and we anticipate seeing them again for 2017. Websites like electricstyles.com don’t just stop at shoes—they’ve got LED light-up crop tops, blacklight bow ties, snap backs, hoodies and more.

Plan on dancing all night? Head to emazinglights.com—the trusted brand that made gloving so huge in the first place—for affordable poi sets with different color and reactive motion light combinations.

Moodhoops.com has a vast assortment of LED hula hoops (yes, those are still permitted), including the Future Hoop. At $300 a pop, the Future Hoop creates different color combinations and geometric patterns for memorable, face-melting performances.

Sites like goodtoglow.com, raveready.com and festworthy.com also sell a number of cool accessories, from LED halters and leg wraps to hydration packs, goggles and more.

Whatever rave swag you plan to sport, just remember to check EDC’s list of acceptable items before you make your final PLUR-chase.

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