All The Vegas Podcast: Singer Anne Martinez of ‘Baz,’ ‘Alice’ and more

Anne Martinez wraps up “Baz” this month at Palazzo.

You might recognize New York native Anne Martinez from her performances in Baz, Showstoppers, Pin-Up, Fantasy, The World’s Greatest Rock Show or Zombie Burlesque, or as the writer and co-director of her own outlandish musical theater production, Alice: A Steampunk Concert Fantasy. She’s one of the most versatile performers in Las Vegas today and she’s our guest for the latest episode of All The Vegas.

All The Vegas

ATV7: Anne Martinez

All The Vegas hosts Brock Radke and Mark Shunock talk with singer, actress, writer and producer Anne Martinez about performing in Las Vegas shows like "Baz," "Pin-Up," "Alice" and more.

Anne plays Satine in Baz, the unique musical that finishes its Vegas run this month at the Palazzo. “I just have fallen in love with Satine,” she says. “I love that character. We all go through that thing where you do what you have to do to survive emotionally, then someone shows up who breaks that and it becomes about how you let go and what happens when you’re vulnerable. I love her journey.”

We also talk with Anne about her first Vegas gig at the Stratosphere vampire fantasy Bite; how she takes care of her voice in the harsh desert; making drunk pottery purchases at farmers’ markets; the evolving show landscape on the Strip and the changes she’s made to her show Alice, which returns to the Rocks Lounge at the Red Rock Resort on August 13.


Anne has the spot “if you want to go have a really cool drink in a bar that’s cozy but still bougie,” and it’s the Palazzo’s Rosina.

Mark isn’t even a basketball guy but even he knows the WNBA’s Las Vegas Aces are on fire.

Brock continues his comedic streak by recommending the new stand-up resident show at the Sayers Club at SLS: The Eddie Griffin Experience.

  • Held every December since 1992, the game offers all the pageantry of college football with plenty of extra Vegas — and it starts well before ...

  • The fuzzy power-pop foursome plays Beauty Bar on December 7.

  • Four actors play an impressive 21 different characters, and while the rapid-change between roles can be confusing for the audience, it serves a key purpose.

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