A guide to the new toy-friendly animals in ‘The Last Jedi’

Porgs are cute, cuddly and coming to a Christmas list near you.

Porgs Ever since their brief appearance in the first Last Jedi trailer, these adorable, big-eyed, squeaky puffin-like creatures have become an online sensation, already touted as the next Ewoks. They have a special bond with Chewbacca, who sort of feels bad about attempting to eat them.

Vulptices Described as “crystal foxes” by the movie’s effects team, these creatures live on the mining planet of Crait (home of an abandoned Rebel base) and have spiky-looking fur that shimmers and clinks like they’re covered in chandeliers.

Fathiers In the casino city of Canto Bight, these “space horses” are held captive and often abused as they’re forced to race on a giant track while the galaxy’s richest scumbags bet on the outcome. With their huge size, floppy ears, gentle faces and light-colored fur, they look a bit like horses crossed with Falcor from The Neverending Story.

Inhabitants of Ahch-To On the remote planet where Luke Skywalker lives in exile, the ancient Jedi structures are taken care of by aliens known, fittingly enough, as caretakers, who look sort of like humanoid warthogs (but more lizard-like) and dress like nuns, in white robes and hoods. Luke also interacts with odd unnamed sea creatures living at the rocky shore, whose teats dispense a green-colored milk that he eagerly drinks. (Maybe that part isn’t so toy-friendly …)

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