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Local artist Fernando Reyes pays tribute to The Beatles in new exhibition

One work featured in Fernando Reyes’ The Hit List exhibition at the Enterprise Library.

One day, artist Fernando Reyes wants to earn the distinction of modern master. But for now, he’s paying tribute to The Beatles, a band he loves for their expansive creativity.

“I’m really inspired by their approach to art. They go everywhere,” says Reyes, a self-taught artist who is known for his murals around Downtown Las Vegas.

Another work featured in Fernando Reyes' The Hit List exhibition at the Enterprise Library.

The Beatles experimented with their music, venturing into several genres; and Reyes intends to do the same with his art. In his upcoming Enterprise Library exhibition, The Hit List, Reyes honors the Fab Four with an exhibition as eclectic as their discography. In it, he dips into Picasso-esque abstracts to art nouveau to lowrider-themed iconography.

“I know The Beatles have influenced musicians, but I want them to know they’ve influenced artists, too.”

The Hit List opens February 23 with a 5 p.m. reception, and runs through April 27 at Enterprise Library. Reyes will draw portraits of the first five people to arrive at the reception.

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