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Ask Dead Elvis: What are the oldest bars in town?

Okay, what are the oldest bars I could go to in town? Give it to me straight.

So you want to get a touch of old Vegas the liquid way? We applaud this, and yes, we have some suggestions. After all, there is a certain allure to a classic bar, and, fortunately, Las Vegas doesn’t lack for old-school taverns.

A few that have survived the onslaught of removal just to make way for colorless strip malls (yes, we know it’s in the name of progress) include Davy’s Locker, Champagne’s Cafe, Huntridge Liquor Store, Decatur Liquor Store and Dino’s Lounge. All longtime alkie joints (over 40 years in business) that are rich in homey atmosphere and congenial patrons.

However, if you gotta pick one, we suggest Downtown’s own Atomic Liquor Store, on East Fremont. It’s been around for more than 50 years, and when it comes to barflies, decor and drinks, this place stands alone. When you stop in, be sure to leave the bling at home.

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