Teachable moment

Photo: Sam Morris

Yeah, the poll was commissioned by Republicans, and there are plenty of reasons why things can and will change by Election Day. But this week’s survey that shows state GOP boss Sue Lowden beating Sen. Harry Reid (if she runs) surely contains a lesson for the incumbent, yet another variation of the timeless Boy, Democrats sure can squander any advantage lesson the party always fails to heed. According to the Review-Journal, 44 percent of the respondents were Dems, 38 percent Republicans. And still Reid trails. Could it be because the ever-cautious Reid has done too little to capitalize on the progressive momentum unleashed by Obama’s campaign? His nonaggression pact with Sen. John Ensign? The years of benign neglect at the local level that state party members complained about for years? Probably all of that and then some. Will this teachable moment go to waste? We’ll have to wait for another poll to tell us. Meantime, Danny Tarkanian has announced for Reid’s seat, too, but whatever.


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