Ask Dead Elvis: How long does Las Vegas Boulevard extend?

How long does Las Vegas Boulevard extend?

Las Vegas Boulevard was originally the old Los Angeles Highway, or Highway 91, and it’s a pretty long stretch of road. For the most part, this gist of it runs from Jean to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It is a useful look at the heart of the city, both old and new, connecting the small community of Jean (which is best known for housing a correctional facility for women and cheap hot dogs at the Gold Strike Hotel), the bombastic beauty of all our big-time Strip properties and the appeal of NASCAR with the Motor Speedway. Keep in mind that while Las Vegas Boulevard does go north and south of our recommended points, we would not advise you to drive past them. The road south of Jean is very poorly paved, and north of the Speedway, heading toward the Moapa River Indian Reservation, where it more or less ends, is too tedious a drive to go into detail about. Stick to the simple sightseeing pleasures, and you’ll be okay.

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