Ask Dead Elvis: The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Huntridge?

Dear Dead Elvis,

“A friend’s father mentioned that, as a kid, he use to attend a gathering for The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but he was fuzzy on the details. Can you fill in the memory gap?”


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A Rocky Road For Horror (10/13/05)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
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Back in January 1981, this geekfest was the first of its kind to hit Las Vegas, and it was held at the Huntridge Theater. For many of the city’s 40-somethings who grew up here, late-night Rocky Horror shindigs marked one of the first times that Las Vegas youth, no matter how nerdy, had a youth-culture linchpin to rally around that wasn’t sponsored by any—and I use the term loosely—agents of social control (a state, city or county agency). The Rocky Horror experience, complete with makeup, fancy dress, and out-of-tune sing-alongs, only lasted for a few months at the time (a current version runs at the Onyx Theatre), but was great while it lasted.

Thank you very much.


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