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Bellagio adds three new songs to the fountains’ repertoire

Three new songs have been added to the fountain attraction, something that has not happened for the past six years.

Who says you can’t teach an old fountain new tricks? After six years, the keepers of the Bellagio fountains added three new songs to their repertoire this past week: “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” “Billie Jean” and Glenn Miller’s rendition of “In the Mood.”

Choosing songs is the easy part; the hard part is creating the choreography to go with them. “The fountain doesn’t follow the music,” WET designer Claire Kahn explains. “It needs to feel like the music is following the fountain.” To create that effect, Kahn manipulates more than 1,000 individual jets with names like oarsmen, mini-shooters, super-shooters and extreme shooters.

Vegas tourists will surely appreciate the new tunes, but not nearly as much as the street performers who’ve been listening to the same damn 29 songs for the past six years.


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