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Playaworks organizes an art-car caravan to the Palms to see ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

Cristy Corso atop the iHeartCar designed by Henry Chang of Playa Works which they will cruise up to the Brendon Palms Theater in to see the new Mad Max movie on Friday, May 15, 2015.
Photo: L.E. Baskow

Art-Car Caravan to see Mad Max: Fury Road | Playaworks Warehouse | May 15, 2015

Playa Works Art Cars for Mad Max

Blood and burned-out cars. That’s what any mention of Mad Max brings to my mind thanks to the indelible bleakness of the Mel Gibson-era films. Now that there’s a shiny reboot with outsize action sequences to match, I don’t see that changing. Although, there is something about the artfulness of the survivalist rigs cobbled together with scrap metal and bits of flash and function like pack-rat nests on furious wheels. In that vein, local arts group Playaworks organized a pre-party and caravan of art cars to go from its warehouse to the Palms’ Brenden Theatres to see Mad Max: Fury Road. The plan was to valet “any and all street-legal mutant vehicles,” and to dress accordingly. If there are movie theaters in the post-apocalyptic world, the crowd should definitely roll with fishnets and finger guns.

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