Staff brew picks, just in time for International Beer Day


Mark your calendars, beer enthusiasts – International Beer Day is August 5! That means you have two whole days to find the perfect brew to commemorate the special occasion, and those beer aisle decisions can be tough. Weekly wants to be sure you’re celebrating in style, so our resident beer fanatics offered up a few recommendations to remember during your careful consideration. Cheers!

Sah’tea by Dogfish Head

Wow. This product is remarkable on so many levels. For starters, it’s based on a 9th century Finish rye beer. But the folks at Dogfish head added chai tea flavors to the mix, and the result is a summer beer extraordinaire — light but substantial, with heavy notes of coriander. It’s currently available on tap at Freakin’ Frog. Whether you’re a beer lover or just trying to beat the heat, check this treasure out. —Ken Miller, associate editor

Infinium by Sam Adams.

Infinium by Sam Adams.

Infinium by Sam Adams

Don't waste time if you want to sample this limited release, a crispy collaboration between Sam Adams and ancient German brewery Weihanstephan. If they have any left, find it at Whole Foods or Total Wine. The flavor is simply insane, light, dry, and spicy, like a malty champagne with a caramel kick to match its dark amber color. It's too powerful to be anything more than a special occasion beer in my book. —Brock Radke, web & food editor

Hop Box Imperial IPA by Joseph James

I love hoppy brews and India Pale Ales tend to be my favorite style of beer, so it was no surprise I’d like this variety from the Henderson-based brewery. The 9.3 ABV brew has a serious hops presence, caramel hints and a smooth finish – making the beer potentially dangerous (which only makes it more intriguing, right?). Don’t let that intimidate you, though – pick up a bottle and support your local microbrewing community! —Mark Adams, associate web editor

Stone's Oaked Arrogant Bastard - are you worthy?

Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale by Stone

I’d been eyeballing it for a while, but at $16 a six-pack I couldn’t quite pull the trigger. When I spotted it on sale for $9 at Lee’s a few weeks ago, I finally scooped it up.
I’ve had lots of Stone’s Arrogant Bastard, on tap and in the San Diego County brewery’s big 22-ounce bottles. It’s hearty and hoppy and makes for a nice glass when I have time to focus on what I’m drinking. It’s no summer-day-by-the-pool pick, nor would I recommend pouring it with a tuna fish sandwich.
This was my first encounter with the Oaked variety, the only version sold in six-packs. The label says it’s “aged with American oak wood chips,” and I definitely taste the difference. It’s more complex than the standard Arrogant, with a significant extra flavor component. I might even spend $16 for another six-pack sometime. —Spencer Patterson, managing editor

Black Velvet at Crown & Anchor

When your roommate barbecues while wearing an American flag, you trust his taste in beer. So when Wes told me I needed to try a Black Velvet at Crown & Anchor, I did my best to block out memories of abusing the same-named Canadian whisky. I was comforted by the fact that this BV contains Guinness, which I love. It also contains Blackthorn apple cider, a tasty favorite that’s so easy to drink. The pours are done precisely, so the cider sits on the bottom and the beer on top. It’s cool to look at, and the taste experience is one of full bodied bitter, a few mingled sips in the middle and a light, crisp, barely sweet finish. It’s like having three drinks in one $6 pint ($3 during the 3-6 p.m. happy hour). Trust the man in the flag. —Erin Ryan, staff writer


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