Cleverboy’s No-Fail 100% Guaranteed Cirque Recommendation System

The lucky, unsuspecting 10,000,000th.

Last week, I watched O celebrate its 10,000,000th guest. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen Cirque’s Bellagio production; I saw O eight years ago, when I was a teenager.

I liked the show much, much better this time.

Has it changed?

Not much; I’ve changed. I’ve matured... and O is a mature show. Took me a decade to appreciate it, is all.

There’s a Cirque show for everybody, and the trick is getting the right person to the right show. So the next time you’ve got friends or family visiting Vegas, and they ask you which Cirque production they should patronize, consult the following chart for guidance:

O: Cirque for adults

Mystère: Cirque for kids

KA: Cirque for guys

BeLIEve: Cirque for red states

Zumanity: Cirque for couples

LOVE: Cirque for baby boomers

Viva ELVIS: Cirque for the elderly (and overseas tourists)


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