Midnight workout

Late Night Workout

If you drive past one of our city’s 24-hour gyms at midnight, you’ll see something shocking: a filled parking lot. Why do so many Las Vegans work out in the early hours of the AM? Let’s ask Bret Fitzgerald, Las Vegas Athletic Club’s VP of Corporate Communications:

Who works out at midnight?

Generally, younger people do. 20-35-year-olds.

And at 3:00 a.m.?

At that time, it’s swing shifters and people who have to be at work by 6 a.m. LVAC does almost 10 percent of its business from midnight to 6 a.m.

Is it better to work out in the morning or at night?

Since exercising revs-up your metabolism, morning workouts tend to be more popular. But working out late at night has no significant detriments… other than potentially losing sleep. Of course, some people are just wired to perform better nocturnally.

Does LVAC have a social scene in the early hours of the a.m.?

Most people come in, workout, and leave. But that's not to say people don't hook-up. That happens, too…


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