Coming down

Commissioned by M. C. Escher?

You had a great time at EDC. Now you’re coming down and looking for a Hair of the Dog musical equivalent.

(I suppose the band “Hair of the Dog” is the cocktail’s musical equivalent, but for the purpose of this blog entry, let’s pretend that band doesn’t exit).

I suggest Tally Hall’s album Good & Evil. It just came out, it’s lots of fun, it’s not as intense as a 250,000-person electronic music festival, but it’s every bit as happy.

The day Good & Evil came out, it pulled ahead of Bieber and Britney on iTunes. And if you listen to the album, you’ll understand why: Every song is a hit single.

Am I just saying that because I’m good friends with the Tally Hall guys?

No. I’m also saying it because they paid me to say it.

Kidding; I’m saying it because the album’s really good.

(But I am friends with the guys, too—that part is true. Of course, I’m only saying that because I love to name-drop.)


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