MAGIC partying with Cleverboy at Haze and Wonderground

Sometimes Haze looks like this.

After a week in semi-sunny Nassau with the parents and the now-ex-girlfriend—after 14 months, I walk away with only wonderful things to say about her—I’m back in action. Or back in Vegas, at least. “Action” will come with time. At least, that’s what my friends are telling me. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to distract myself with parties, as one does here in Vegas. I started with a double-header. First up: Haze at Aria, hosted by Karmaloop, the biggest online retailer of street apparel. I brought with me my one big shot Hollywood friend, and we listened to French Montana and watched the extra-hot HAZE servers, in short black dresses, pump up bottles of light-up Hennessy. Most partygoers were in town for the MAGIC fashion convention, but there were some locals there, too. And, yes, the fashion was noticeably different. This wasn’t your typical Vegas club apparel; this was urban chic. So, yeah, I probably stuck out in my shirt and tie.

Next night: Wonderground at the Olive, Jeff McBride’s monthly gathering of performance artists. That night, likely, marked the last time I’ll ever see my friend Ericka. She’s moving to Florida, which sucks. Anyway, she gave me a Clue game—how awesome is that? What a gesture: She’s moving away but I’m getting a gift?

And now I’m wondering what’s next. If you have any ideas, let me know.


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