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Lil Jon

"I started off as a DJ," says Lil Jon. "People think I just started DJing."

The multi-talented rapper, producer, actor and more will be in Vegas on April 24 for the launch of S.K.A.M Saturdays at the Hard Rock Pool. Don't expect him to just show up and push "play" on a laptop while drinking from his pimp cup. Lil Jon knows what he's doing behind the decks.

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Nocturnal Admissions: Lil Jon (4/22/10)

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Lil Jon
S.K.A.M. Saturdays Grand Opening
April 24
Hard Rock Pool
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Lil Jon

"The celebrity DJ thing is just kinda whack," says the Atlanta native of others in the music business stepping into the booth. "Some of these people that just get paid to basically just make an appearance and act like they're playing records and they're not." Lil Jon says to expect a combination of him spinning his own records poolside, plus him rocking over the records a bit.

"When I DJ I get a little crazy and wild and I tend to make people really enjoy Vegas," says Lil Jon. "The last time I was there DJing, I made the women take off their bras and panties and throw them in the DJ booth." Security and management weren't too happy with his request, but he says the crowd had a great time.

Before heading to the pool Saturday, Lil Jon called in to the Weekly and talked about everything, including his winery and collaborating with LMFAO, Steve Aoki, Roger Sanchez and more, plus how he feels when fans come up to him yelling his signature catchphrases (WHAT? O-KAY! YEAH!). Download the podcast for free here.

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Lil Jon, "Rockbox Volume 3"

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