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What the Weekly’s Team Hangover is cooking up

Deanna Rilling, Jack Colton and Xania Woodman at the Where They Are Now party at The Bank.
Photo: Sarah Feldberg

Do as we say, not as we do...

Xania relaxing at Lollypop's.

XANIA WOODMAN, Nightlife Editor, Las Vegas Weekly

What I'm attempting: The French Boyfriend Experience (aka, The Crack o' Dawn Omelet) — An impromptu late-night attempt at being both Continental and ironic. Usually translates to a slightly overcooked omelet with whatever cheese or cheese-like product can be found in my fridge or has been left out on my counter. After frying, melt the cheese product inside the omelet in the oven, salt and pepper to taste, then garnish with dried parley and serve with a $7 Cabernet Sauvignon on the coffee table while catching up on TiVo. Pay no attention to the rising sun.


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Xania says: "It's hard out there for a pimp. After a good night of drinking, this pimpette needs something salty and cheesy for fourth meal. But my culinary background necessitates that I show off, even for myself. If executed correctly, a sophisticated, bohemian air should settle over the dining area."

Busted! Team Hangover's Deanna Rilling spikes the punch at Vegas Prom 2008.

DEANNA RILLING, Nightlife writer, Las Vegas Weekly

What I'm throwing together: Poached salmon — Hand-picked salmon from the finest selection of prepackaged seafood available at the local grocery store at 3 a.m., gently simmered in Chateau Ste Michelle Sauvignon Blanc. Served with a chilled yogurt/sour cream dill and Dijon sauce and garnished with capers and a lemon wedge. Side options include: Rice a Roni, canned French-cut green beans or triple-washed salad from a bag.

Deanna says: "My favorite of three dishes I can create from memory, I learned the recipe from my sister as a handy-dandy meal that takes less than 10 minutes to make. It never ceases to impress your friends and since the salmon is poached in wine, you can keep drinking while cooking. Plus, it's better for you than another trip to Jack in the Box."

Nightlife guru Jack Colton.

Nightlife guru Jack Colton.

JACK COLTON, Contributing Nightlife Writer, Las Vegas Weekly

What I'm thinking: The Leftover Medley (aka, A Risk of Food Poisoning) — Stemming from the single Las Vegan's habitual policy of eating out more often than not, this recipe calls for any already prepared dish that has found itself long incubating in unmarked Styrofoam. Once the mixed components of your meal have been selected, combine together and microwave at least a minute or two longer than you normally would (just to be safe...) and then pile on your favorite condiments to make up for lost flavors and now-overcooked meats. Fair warning: Don't eat the French fries; those never work out the second time around.

Colton says: "Once you scrape off the wilted greens and cut away any mold that snuck through, this meal of all meals is a great way to dine while avoiding sending perfectly good(ish) food to the trashcan."

So what about you, Las Vegas? What are your late-night or hungover meals?

Photo of Deanna  Rilling

Deanna Rilling

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