Nosh & Swig is an international trip to small plate heaven

Nosh & Swig’s Nachos O’Brien, house-made potato chips layered with pork, Dublin cheddar cheese and tomatoes.
Photo: Steve Marcus

With the Stirling Club’s mid-2012 closing, executive chef Steve Piamchunter found himself out of a job—a situation soon rectified when he opened Nosh & Swig on East Flamingo. And how lucky for us that he did.

Nosh & Swig focuses on small plates that wander all over the culinary map. Thailand, Ireland and Switzerland are represented, alongside some traditional American dishes. The lengthy eight-page menu is playfully divided by main components—pig, cow, chicken, etc.

The Details

Nosh & Swig
3620 E. Flamingo Road #5, 456-6674.
Tuesday–Sunday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

I didn’t know Piamchunter is from Thailand … until I tried the Tiger Cry ($9)—his take on Thai beef jerky—on my first visit. The well-seasoned treat isn’t as sinewy as most versions tend to be, and your jaw will be thankful for that. His Irish Nachos O’Brien ($5.50) are equally good, with pork, Dublin cheddar and tomatoes layered onto house-made potato chips.

With a menu this expansive, misses aren’t unexpected, and they’re hardly horrible here. The Diablo Eggs ($4) aren’t deviled eggs; they’re halved hard-boiled eggs topped with egg-yolk aioli and olive tapenade, and they aren’t worth the mess. Instead, order the addictive Asiago-filled cremini caps ($5.50), which rank among the best stuffed mushrooms in town. The Singapore Greens ($6)—a salad in a Mason jar that you shake up—are creative, but three times in we still haven’t figured out how to distribute the tamarind dressing evenly.

Clued in by some regulars, we ordered off-menu chilaquiles, balancing a hint of heat with ample cheesiness and a gooey fried egg. You don’t need a hangover to enjoy this one.

Keep in mind that Nosh & Swig only recently opened; it’s really just Nosh at this point, with a liquor license pending. Still, the place is off to an outstanding start. Piamchunter is a culinary chameleon, serving accessible dishes across a variety of cuisines. Visit him when you’re ready for your world tour.

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