A close-up on charcuterie at Comme Ça

The innovative bistro sets the standard for house-made specialty meatstuff

Comme Ça is one of few Las Vegas restaurants that makes its own charcuterie.
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You could say the chefs at Comme Ça love pig, but that would be an understatement. Brian Howard, recently promoted to corporate executive chef for David Myers' restaurant group, just competed for the title of Prince of Porc in LA at one of the Cochon 555 tour events, crafting Detroit Coney dogs with pig face chili and pork blood chocolates. Comme Ça's Las Vegas location at the Cosmopolitan is known for, among other delectable dishes, its intense charcuterie program, most of which is made in-house. But there isn't just one specialist in the kitchen—the entire cooking crew is passionate about its pig products, including chef de cuisine Daniel Ontiveros and sous chef Daniel Laferriere.

Here's a sampling of some of Comme Ça's most delicious cured-meat delicacies:



Saucisson French pork salami, not as dry as Italian, made with just meat, fat, salt and pepper.

Chicken liver mousse Slow-poached livers made blissfully creamy with notes of citrus.

Pig leg This Pahrump-raised Red Wattle hog appendage is nine months in; after 24 months, it’ll be buttery prosciutto. Make plans.

Lardo Straight-up cured pork fat. Yes, it melts in your mouth.

Black truffle salami A dry salami aged three weeks with unctuous, fatty flavor from truffle, paprika, black pepper and pork belly.

Nduja Spreadable sausage. Plenty of chilies and smoked spices mix with pig jowl, shoulder and tripe.

Pig face bacon.

Pig face bacon.

Pig face bacon The kitchen’s take on head cheese, with tongue, ears, everything. Cured for a week.

Country pâté Awesomeness explodes from this ham-wrapped, super-spiced, raisin-specked masterpiece.

Sopressa A delicious Italian salami, just bigger. Uniquely made with fatback instead of belly for melty-smooth texture.

Chorizo Spanish pimentón is the spice that defines this flavor.

Comme Ça Cosmopolitan, 698-7910. Monday-Thursday, 5-11 p.m.; Friday-Sunday, noon-11 p.m.

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