A ‘postcard party’ helps break the seal of political action


A shameful confession: Even with the Internet in my pocket, I can’t be bothered to look up my representative, much less write a physical letter. Last week, I sought outside help. I attended a “postcard party” hosted by RenewNV, Battle Born Progress, Nevada Conservation League and other like-minded groups. The free event provided postcards, pens, stamps, addresses, a printed guide to the Nevada Legislature and basic talking points about the bills in question. They even mailed the postcards for you. It could not have been easier.

This particular gathering was in support of bills promoting renewable energy. But no matter your ideology, I encourage you to find help to navigate the murky waters of political action. It feels good to finally participate, and it’s easier than you’d think.

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  • The event was previously scheduled to take place at Embassy Suites during the Sin City 8 weekend.

  • The current record is claimed by a 2006 Tokyo event in which 250 women and 250 men gathered to do the deed. “We will blow ...

  • In one week, nearly 370 people signed on with their support.

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