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Best in PrintDesert flow
As the hip-hop scene continues to expand in Las Vegas, more budding rap artists are cutting their ... read article
Best in PrintTravel Issue: Tijuana charming
Going to see La Mona in the city beyond the clichés. read article
Best in PrintThe Travel Issue: It is this much space that gets us into trouble
Contemplating the big empty in Lathrop Wells with the mysterious Jimmy K read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionDoes scandal matter?
There’s a certain poetry to the news of former Clark County Commissioner Dario Herrera’s impending release from prison coinciding with the news of Sen. John ... more
The IntersectionDon’t stop till you get enough
There was a time when Michael Jackson’s statue at Madame Tussauds wax museum, in the Venetian, wore a red-and-black outfit and black loafers. No more; ... more
Don’t Check In
As Nevada’s national political profile rises, it finds itself on the front lines of a growing number of issues. The latest is the Employee Free ... more
Ask Dead Elvis: What’s the story of Vegas minor league baseball?
I’m just getting into the 51’s. What’s the story with minor-league baseball here? more
The IntersectionJackson’s comeback(2 comments)
I know you felt it, too, so I’m just going to come right out and say it: Michael Jackson’s untimely death was the best thing ... more
The IntersectionThe recently departed and their connections to Las Vegas—and each other
Michael Jackson briefly lived in Las Vegas, shopped often on the Strip, subject of various rumors about headlining, led media on valleywide chase while facing ... more
The Super-Abridged Quasi-Michelin Guide
With news that the Michelin Guide has decided not to publish 2010 guides to Las Vegas and Los Angeles, citing the bad economy, we’ve decided ... more
Gentlemen, start your excuses
On October 1, a new state law goes into effect that allows cops to fine you $100 if you have not registered your car within ... more
The Help Desk(1 comment)
Sales-tax rate in Clark County and Las Vegas rises to 8.1 percent as of July 1 Hey, what do we care? We’re not buying anything ... more
Amen Corner: Illegal medical operations offer valuable services
Two helpful businesses here in Vegas—at least up until last week—were helping to pick up the slack, apparently offering medical procedures on the side and ... more


NightlifeFlipping sides on flair
This is going to be hard for me to say: Flair … is … dead. Or, if it is not, maybe it should be. Like ... more
NightlifeThree and a half questions with Sujit Kundu of S.K.A.M.
That DJ you listen to every week in Vegas, be it at Tao, Moon, or somewhere else, might just be on Sujit Kundu’s roster and ... more
NightlifeAll that glows
Ah, those stuffed dates. Ahh, that sangria. And ooooh, the sexy late-night atmosphere! Thanks to some creative construction and some well-placed (we think) faith in ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentBringing ’em back together(6 comments)
Carrot Top is still standing, still inventing and still performing prop comedy to sold-out crowds at the Luxor. Only one other prop comic has ever ... more
Arts and EntertainmentBlip of a blooper
KTNV Channel 13 got its 15 minutes of fame on YouTube this week with footage of reporter Steve Ryan’s live feed from the Fremont Street ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHella Nation(2 comments)
These hard-won tales, dragged in from the grubby margins of America—where Wright’s anarchists, grifters, white supremacists, porn performers and one very gonzo war documentarian all ... more
Arts and EntertainmentCovering cowboys
I’m from Texas, home of Billy Bob’s (“the world’s largest honky tonk”) and high schools where country is cool. My earliest exposure to live music ... more
Arts and EntertainmentFat new idea
Fifteen minutes after their scheduled Wasted Space start time, members of Descendents cover band the Vegascendents are anxious to start playing. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe Lurks
Rough as the low-bit-rate, MySpace-ripped, live version of “Dinner for a Dog” I’ve had on my iPod for the past year sounds, it was with ... more
Arts and EntertainmentJoyous repetition
For some time now, Warner has maintained an unwavering attention to floral studies, and Angels sees this focus continued. Some paintings are directly representational, others ... more
Arts and EntertainmentPraise the Lord(1 comment)
Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance is a welcome change from the latest Cirque shows’ overstaged, under-choreographed spectacles. Loosely held together by its Irish folklore-based, ... more
Arts and EntertainmentRed, white and green!
Isn’t it time we gave up those noisy, environmentally unfriendly fireworks, anyway? more
Arts and EntertainmentSalsa by the numbers
Las Vegas Salsa Congress’ Nate Strager breaks down three days of workshops and performances. more
Arts and EntertainmentWhose beer is it anyway?
Second City alums and other local actors and comedians have breathed some life into the local improv scene with their new Whose Line-esque venture at ... more


ScreenPublic Enemies
Public Enemies is the slightly fictionalized story of the takedown of notorious bank robber John Dillinger (Johnny Depp), who, at the height of the Great ... more
ScreenWhatever Works
Woody Allen returning to New York and casting the cynical miscreant Larry David in the lead role in his new film sounds potentially like a ... more
ScreenFood, Inc.
Kenner’s well-made if overreaching film takes on the corporatized food industry in America, exposing lax safety standards, poor treatment of workers and incestuous commingling between ... more
Still stunning at 50, Pfeiffer has graduated to the Marquise-like role of Lea de Lonval in an adaptation of Colette’s novel Chéri. more

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Save the planet, eat a burger
TasteCreate uses Angus beef, and organic fruits and vegetables for its salads and burger toppings. As the name implies, you can create quite the custom burger—just be prepared to get a tad overwhelmed choosing from the more than 60 available options.
Dunk this!
TasteThe idea of Dunkin’ Donuts’ new Dunkin’ Run website was, I thought, to order your doughnuts online and have them waiting for you at the drive-through. Sounds deliciously over-convenient.
No great shakes
TasteIf MolliCoolz Shakers are the ice cream of the future, all I can say is: I’m a journalist, get me out of here!




CD Cover The Mars Volta
The first time i placed Octahedron into my computer, it was met with a metal-on-metal grinding sound. I barely looked up from my reading. I mean, we are talking about ...
CD Cover Brad Paisley
Paisley is a crackerjack guitarist, and he showcases his abilities throughout Saturday Night, especially on the bluesy “She’s Her Own Woman” and the lightning-fast barn burner “Catch All the Fish.”
CD Cover Dead Prez
Dead Prez rapper M1 endorsed Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney for president last year, and it’s fair to say the duo isn’t caught up in Obama euphoria now.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jul 2, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Lost Creek Crush

It’s 107 degrees out, my eyes are sweating, and the very thought of clothing makes me want to cry. Time for a trip down to DCR for George Austin Sproule’s ...