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Best in PrintTrial by fire
A Henderson firefighter is helping win hearts and minds in Iraq through a successful training program read article
Best in PrintWhat Now?
What Vegas’ nightlife community can look forward to under the bright light of post-Privé scandal scrutiny read article
Best in PrintWhat they’re saying about the Prive scandal
The local nightlife community weighs-in on the Privé scandal. read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionNew additions to the Vegas lexicon
As is often the case in heady times, recent events have forced an expansion of our vocabulary. New phrases have been thrust into use; old ... more
The IntersectionMoney for Nothing
The riches-to-rags stats just keep pouring in. This time, it’s the sad decline in the number of Las Vegas millionaires, coupled with a boom in ... more
Tiny Little Rant: Homeowners without balls
When homeowners who can actually afford their mortgages decide to either buy a cheaper house and then walk away from their present one or—gasp!—just walk ... more
The Help Desk
Some Las Vegas ATMs allegedly debiting people’s accounts but not handing out cash. Residents were slow to report the problem because they’re used to putting ... more
The IntersectionMinimum overdrive
Yes, some are making a little more money, but why does it feel so … pointless? more
The IntersectionWho’s that girl?
Meeting the mystery woman behind the sexy courtesan blog. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Heavy Metal!!!!! more
As Dead Elvis: Vegas’ unsolved mysteries
“What mystery from this city’s past would make a good episode of one of those cold-case shows?” more
The IntersectionA riddle wrapped in … Harrah’s?
There may be great stories about the Stage Door, but good luck finding them. more


NightlifeWandering the drink desert
Rhumbar’s shadows contained people I wanted to meet. People who inhabited that sweet spot between hip and conservative, ironic and genuine, artistic and well-groomed. more
NightlifeBirthday wishes, from Woodman to Goodman
Xania breaks a sweat (and her back) to honor his honor with the Official Martini of Las Vegas. more
NightlifeGames pink elephants play
So I’m at Cathouse. The drinks are flowing, and so is the conversation. But then I look down and notice I’m wearing only my pajamas! ... more
NightlifeSeek (fun) and ye shall find! Plus, the Hard Rock renovations affect Body English
It’s all about the treasure hunts and popularity contests. Plus, with all the renovations at the Hard Rock, what’s going to happen to Body English? more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and Entertainment(More than) three questions with comedian Bryan Bruner
Bryan Bruner, former host at the LA Comedy Club at Trader Vic’s, left Las Vegas for the bright lights and bigger options of New York ... more
Arts and EntertainmentNot sissy books
I absolutely am not one of the tortured writers. I’m having a good time, and if I wasn’t I’d do something else. I don’t like ... more
Arts and EntertainmentTwo-act disco
Already locked into one-upmanship coming off their July split, the current Panic! At the Disco and ex-Panic members— founders of new band The Young Veins—both ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe future of local dance
If you are neither friend nor relative of a student dancer, why should you spend the money on a ticket to see them? Here’s why… more
Arts and EntertainmentGirdles … for men
They eliminate inches in seconds. They’re surprisingly comfortable. They’re flying off the shelves at trend-setting retailers: They are Mirdles - girdles for guys. more
Arts and EntertainmentAnd who said you could nick our name?
If Glasvegas expects to be taken the least bit seriously, the band needs to recruit a real drummer. Or, perhaps, encourage current drummer Caroline McKay ... more
House of the holy
I feel uneasy. I’m not the biggest fan of churches, but new all-ages music venue Anthem - housed in a church - works, if you ... more
Arts and EntertainmentGirls gone … not so wild
When I heard the title It’s a Girl Thing, I fantasized the Guerrilla Girls, those gorilla-masked anarchic gadflies of the art world, would put in ... more
Arts and EntertainmentSerra’s weighty drawings
So what do you make of these prints by New York sculptor Richard Serra? Start with the obvious: They’re big and uncomplex and heavy. Not ... more
Arts and EntertainmentTall tale
McCann explores the lives of characters through his Twin Towers account. more
Arts and EntertainmentEverybody Is Stupid Except for Me and Other Astute Observations
Sometimes the single panel of a political cartoon just isn’t a big enough space for a cartoonist to work with, especially if said cartoonist is ... more
Arts and EntertainmentOverheard at San Diego Comic Con
Illustrator Jerry Miller takes a trip to Cali for Comic Con and reveals his findings through a comic, of course. more


ScreenJulie & Julia
Very little other than lots of cooking happens in Nora Ephron’s Julie & Julia, a Frankenstein’s monster-like adaptation of two separate memoirs, but when it ... more
Screen(500) Days of Summer
Although it puts on a front of being the antidote to quirky indie romantic comedies, the deceptively conventional (500) Days of Summer is actually just ... more
ScreenIntimate yet grandiose(1 comment)
Francis Ford Coppola capitalizes on his freedom to indulge himself with Tetro more
ScreenA Perfect Getaway
Twohy’s first film since Riddick, A Perfect Getaway, smartly scales back the ambition, and although it’s a mediocre thriller at best, it has a certain ... more
ScreenDVD Spotlight: Repulsion
Few films have depicted the descent into madness with as much sheer nightmarish brio as Roman Polanski’s 1965 Repulsion. more

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Not quite first
TasteShared plates, fun food and simple favorites are the strength of the cuisine here - like Crazy Little Tacos that come in five flavors, from catfish to lamb gyro.
Scrumptious Frog ale
TasteFreakin’ Frog owner Adam Carmer has gotten his hands on two kegs of Rogue Charlie, an imperial India pale ale that puts all others to absolute shame.




CD Cover Gloriana
Pop-country quartet Gloriana is about as far as you can get from genuine country music and still manage airplay on country radio.
CD Cover Patrick Wolf
Fourteen tracks filter legend, history, sci-fi and modern personal introspection, yet all the pick-and-choosing establishes a sweepingly timeless mood.
CD Cover Set Your Goals
Enter Set Your Goals, a Bay Area sextet poised to break out with This Will Be the Death of Us, which takes its cues from Blink and Sum 41’s penchant ...

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Aug 6, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Ruby Rose

For July’s Mixology Monday with guest-tender Trevor Thorpe of Noir Bar, George incorporated Trevor’s own line of homemade bitters (peach and eucalyptus) into the night’s menu. Though Trevor is departing ...