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Best in PrintCall it ‘American art’
Even as the black arts community in Las Vegas struggles to establish itself, many artists bristle at ... read article
Best in PrintMaster (pint-sized) builder
The artist Frank James is precise. Very precise. Set your watch by him precise. In his living ... read article
Best in PrintHome in Vegas
CONSIDERED: bathrooms, community, America, your attitude, the eight ball, mother, hardship, responsibility, bugs, war, comfort, cops, neighbors, ... read article
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The Intersection

The IntersectionA museum for every crime
Why stop at a mob museum? If the Mayor is right, if we can launder the city’s grubby soul into squeaky-clean tourist coin, why not ... more
The IntersectionTeachable moment
Yeah, the poll was commissioned by Republicans, and there are plenty of reasons why things can and will change by Election Day. But this week’s ... more
Suggestion Box: Shut the hell up!
As the health-care debate tenderly makes its way to Nevada and Las Vegas, please, please, please heed these carefully chosen words: Shut the hell up! more
The Help Desk
Michael Jackson’s Neverland may be dismantled and moved to Las Vegas as a tourist attraction. Yeah, this is a ridiculous idea, but be honest—you’re really ... more
The IntersectionThis’ll wrinkle some brows!
Welcome to the debate about the Botax, an issue custom-fitted for bad jokes and tabloid headlines. more
The IntersectionWhole lotto love
Easy-money fever at the state line, with stubbly Howard and the Lexus kids. more
Cash for dealers?
The federal program to jump-start the auto industry still carries many question marks. more
The IntersectionBeer Summit West(1 comment)
It’s been a couple of weeks now, but I still can’t get that White House beer-summit image out of my mind. Which brought me back ... more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Uh, what kind if services are considered expressly “Latino”? more
Ask Dead Elvis: What are the oldest bars in town?
So you want to get a touch of old Vegas the liquid way? We applaud this, and yes, we have some suggestions. After all, there ... more


NightlifeThe other Prives
I gave the Bellagio valet my name and inquired, “How do I get to Club Privé?” His pleasant face contorted into a grimace. But I’m ... more
NightlifeOn & on … & on?
House-music pioneer Jesse Saunders is said to have written, produced, performed and released the world’s first documented house-music recording, titled On & On, in 1984. ... more
NightlifeWardrobe malfunction(s) Or: Why Deanna can’t own nice things
Someone call What Not to Wear. Stacy, Clinton: A Team Hangover member is in need of a serious wardrobe overhaul. Especially since she ruined three ... more
NightlifeA benefiting tribute
In the wake of a tragedy, the nightlife community came together on August 11 to rally around one of its own. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentMad about this show
TV critics everywhere are salivating in anticipation of Mad Men‘s return on August 16. Here are the four reasons we’re all a-flutter… more
Arts and EntertainmentAn addition to the Dollhouse
Produced without Fox’s involvement and never aired on TV, the 13th episode of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse is now available exclusively on the DVD set of ... more
Arts and EntertainmentExiting The Stript for Saint Rose
Sometimes, you find that you’ve squeezed all the juice from your orange, and it’s time to move on to something new. Sometimes that means it’s ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHot and Sweaty
In the opening lines of its self-penned bio, local pop-punk band Air Raid Anthem compares its sound to “the feeling of eating Pop Rocks while ... more
Arts and EntertainmentOur own private (Under)World
In case we needed confirmation, we got it last Thursday: Las Vegans are officially lame. So Underworld crossed the Atlantic to open its first U.S. ... more
Arts and EntertainmentOrderly Progression! At the Disco
On Friday night, Panic 2.0 was just another skinny-tie-and-dark-vest-clad emo-pop foursome. The exclamation point may be back, but the enthusiasm behind it has yet to return. more
Arts and EntertainmentGiraffe at a bus stop
This moment is brought to you by Clark County Parks and Recreation, Friends of Winchester Park Public Art Committee and the Regional Transportation Commission… more
Arts and EntertainmentDrawn in?
Emanuele Sferruzza Moszkowicz. With so many consonants and so little time, the name says it all. That beautiful collection of letters is redolent of the ... more
Arts and EntertainmentA Fuller life
A few weeks ago, Dolores Fuller, the so-called “Queen of the B Movies,” suffered a stroke, and she’s been in pain ever since. But last ... more
Arts and EntertainmentBooks I Couldn’t Finish(3 comments)
Glenn Beck is great on TV; he shouts, he scoffs, and he cries. But when he writes, when his words are stripped clean of the ... more


ScreenBlunt but effective allegory, with aliens
Structured as a fake documentary, a city-sized spacecraft mysteriously stalled 20 years ago Its starving, frightened occupants, who resemble huge bipedal prawns, were evacuated by ... more
In a story loosely inspired by The Little Mermaid, five-year-old Sosuke (voiced in the English-language release by Frankie Jonas) finds a very odd fish, with ... more
ScreenThe Goods: Live Hard. Sell Hard.
When you can’t get will Ferrell, you get … Jeremy Piven? That’s apparently what the makers of the awkwardly titled The Goods: Live Hard. Sell ... more
ScreenNights and Weekends
With an almost uncomfortable level of intimacy, Swanberg and Gerwig chronicle the fumbling sex, circular arguments and vague, uncertain plans for the future that define ... more

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Make room for Anthony’s
TasteCoal-oven pizza is something of a religion in New York’s SoHo; the coal oven creates a blackened crust, chewy, bubbly and yielding. It’s really all about the crust.
Colicchio 101
TasteBefore you tune in to Top Chef: Las Vegas, there are some things you need to know about the man behind it: Tom Colicchio.
Chef’s choice
TasteTop Chef’s Las Vegas-set sixth season premieres August 19 on Bravo, and judge Gail Simmons promises that there will be plenty of on-and-off-Strip Vegas on the table.




CD Cover George Strait
George Strait has had approximately 97,569,708 top-10 country hits, and releases an album roughly every 10 minutes. No one gets to that place without being incredibly consistent.
CD Cover Japandroids
More than anything, Post-Nothing makes one yearn to witness Japandroids’ electricity live, preferably in a small, dark space with stuff falling off the walls.
CD Cover Yacht
At times, the mythology surrounding YACHT—which stands for Young Americans Challenging High Technology—threatens to overwhelm its music.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Aug 13, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Sapphire Flyer

What began as a delicate, feminine sister cocktail to the cigar-lover’s Aviation in the July/August issue of Vegas Magazine has since won the 2009 Bombay Sapphire/GQ Most Inspired Bartender regional ...