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Exiting The Stript for Saint Rose

Mikey Lorenzo (center) and the rest of new band Saint Rose. Yea, like the street.
Photo: Fred Morledge

Sometimes, you find that you’ve squeezed all the juice from your orange, and it’s time to move on to something new. That’s the metaphor used by frontman Mikey Lorenzo to explain the gutting of his popular Vegas rock band, The Stript, and its rebranding as Saint Rose.

Mikey and his brother, drummer Bryan Lorenzo, are the only holdover members from the original five. Lead guitarist Maro Chow is attending school in Boston; guitarist Brian Lerner split due to musical differences; and bassist Steve Grisanti quit unexpectedly (Mikey says he’s not exactly sure why).


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Stripped of their gear (6/26/08)

Along with the Lorenzos, the shiny new Saint Rose lineup features Robert Zakaryan (guitar), Frank Sidoris (guitar) and Jon Wozniak (bass). Mikey also reports that The Stript’s glam-punk has given way to a more mainstream, radio-friendly hard-rock sound.

And the name? Don’t look too far into it. The band just thought it sounded nice. “There’s no deep meaning,” Mikey says. “It’s a street.”


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