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Best in PrintDJ AM: Scenes from a life
A close friend recalls the DJ whose musical sense and mad skills shifted a few paradigms read article
Best in Print‘The good I can do outweighs the bad that can happen’
The jail ministry of chaplain Bonnie Polley poses a hard question: Why should we care about these people? read article
Best in PrintNow what?
Parolees looking for a second chance are finding it more difficult than ever read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionSo much for the teachable moment
President Obama’s speech on education sent shock waves through our PTAs. So Clark County School District Superintendent Walt Rulffes offered “alternative” activities for that 20 minutes. more
The IntersectionYou can’t get away(1 comment)
I live near the far southwest corner of the Valley. We are, one likes to think, just about beyond the reach of graffiti and crime. ... more
Suggestion Box: Cash up front
It seems every jackass with a checkbook is using Las Vegas as their personal piggy bank. more
The IntersectionIn this corner, Floyd Mayweather …
Showmanship and boxing have always been united, but with Floyd Mayweather Jr. the nature of the show shifts, and at some point, objectively, the boxer ... more
The IntersectionImpaired vision
It’s been a busy year for Rudy Manthei. The prominent Las Vegas ophthalmologist has been fighting for malpractice reform, then may have helped put the ... more
The IntersectionPoetic license
Novelist Ivy Pochoda doesn’t get Las Vegas literally correct in her new book, but she wasn’t trying to. It’s the latest entrant in the growing ... more
The IntersectionWhen life isn’t a movie(1 comment)
Every article and interview available online refers to Ted V. Mikels as a savant of sorts. But there’s a different story to tell. Ted V. ... more
Ask Dead Elvis: Celeb quickies
Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow had one of those quickie Vegas marriages. Any more details as to where and when? Any other celebrities more famous ... more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
One stop shopping: Obama Pedicures and colon cleansing. more
The Help Desk
Las Vegas Police hold planning seminar for neighborhoods facing rising crime due to foreclosures. Criminals hoping for empty homes were very appreciative of the heads-up. ... more


NightlifeDeath becomes us?
Suicide or accidental overdose, DJ AM robbed himself of a future and us of the chance to see just how bright his star could someday ... more
NightlifeStepping out
5285 Dean Martin Drive was previously the home to 1) a Mexican restaurant, 2) a strip club, 3) a live music venue and 4) a ... more
NightlifeThe county takes a pole position, plus an On the Rocks casting call
Poles are for strippers, or so it seems now that Department of Business License is working to ban the use of stripper poles by nightclub guests. more
A hasty retreat
It’s not “labor” if you’re in a cabana, right? more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentAiming high
Shot at Nellis Air Force Base by photographer Nicholas Price, Cleared Hot! is an intimate, black-and-white portrait of life behind the scenes in the Air Force. more
Arts and EntertainmentAmerica’s best dance town?
Another season of America’s Best Dance Crew, another booty-shakin’ team from Las Vegas. Latin crew AfroBoriké have their sights set on the season finale and ... more
B.B., meet The Beatles
The Beatles Revolution Lounge won’t be the only club at the Mirage dedicated to a musical legend for much longer. Soon to open: B.B. King’s ... more
Arts and EntertainmentGirls got rhythm(2 comments)
All-woman AC/DC cover band Hell’s Belles isn’t about playing up the girlie shtick. When you’re tackling AC/DC’s catalog, you don’t have time to think about ovaries. more
Arts and EntertainmentAruban metalfest
Local promoter Pan thinks he can pack the Aruba Showroom by bringing in quality local and regional metal bands. Hence, this weekend’s Metal Mayhem. more
Arts and EntertainmentMariachis take … Paris?!
An army of mariachis in sparkling suits and noisy pants will march on Paris Las Vegas for the 19th Annual Las Vegas International Mariachi Festival, ... more
Arts and EntertainmentAnniversary present
How might a nonprofit contemporary art center kick off its 20th anniversary season? How about sharing the love, embracing the edge and inviting young artists ... more
Arts and EntertainmentPop life
As head writer of the The Onion’s AV Club, Nathan Rabin has become one of the most entertaining and prolific entertainment writers around in recent ... more
Arts and EntertainmentGet trapped
Deathtrap—a sweet chocolate bon-bon of a play, spiked with arsenic. Quite the kickoff for Las Vegas Little Theatre’s fall season. This “comedy-thriller” follows a once-successful ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe return of Umphrey’s McGee
Umphrey’s McGee guitarist Brendan Bayliss caught up with the Weekly to discuss the art of stomach drumming and just when to end a 25-minute jam. more


ScreenPaint by numbers
It’s a shame short films don’t really get their due as an art form, because not every story needs to be blown up to feature ... more
Whiteout has been sitting on the shelf for some time now, as if in winter storage. Perhaps during that time it grew lethargic and atrophied. ... more
You’d hardly expect to see Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson in a movie making out with each other or discussing the logistics of filming themselves ... more
ScreenGaumont Treasures: 1897-1913
This three-disc DVD set highlights three major French silent-era directors from Gaumont’s legendary studio, and in each case, sheds a bit of new light on ... more

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No sticky wicket here
TasteGarfield’s might just be the only place in the city that would look equally at home in Barbados, but the menu is eclectic here, featuring French, Italian and American fare, with hints of North Africa and Asia along the way.
Sustainably soused
TastePalazzo’s Canyon Ranch dominates the Strip spa scene in many ways, but there’s one aspect that really sets apart this outpost of “health, wellness and holistic and integrative care” (as its website puts it): Booze.
Greek-Italian throwdown!
TasteThe Greek Food Festival. The San Gennaro Feast. Two great ethnic food events—but what if you can only attend one? How to choose? Perhaps this handy point system will help you decide.




CD Cover Polvo
For the past decade, Polvo has chiefly existed as one of those quintessential indie bands most regular folks have never actually heard.
CD Cover Jay-Z
Jay-Z would have you believe he’s this generation’s Sinatra. Too bad he's playing hip-hop catch-up to in-vogue hipster rappers on his latest album.
CD Cover Arctic Monkeys
England’s Arctic Monkeys specialize in being clever. You can practically see vocalist Alex Turner give a knowing wink after singing each line.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Sep 10, 2009
by Xania Woodman

New Fashioned

Bourbon Heritage Month continues with the Silverton’s take on the classic Old Fashioned, traditionally made with an orange slice, lemon twist and maraschino cherries. “Created by master mixologist John DuPont, ...