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Best in PrintI lived at Town Square (for about 20 minutes)
This ‘community’ has everything a resident could want—except residences. But one writer was determined to change that read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionYeah, we have a czar for that
With more and more government functions being grouped under “czars”—to improve efficiency and accountability, just as in imperial Russia—it’s clearly time the concept filtered down ... more
The IntersectionHow we spent Patriot Day (September 11)
Go-go dancing, hording in a home office and Disneyland? We’re so American… more
Amen Corner: Capitalism at its finest
Nina Radetich, the plucky newscaster at Channel 13, was caught offering the services of her boyfriend, a guy with some PR experience, to the owner ... more
The IntersectionStripper Poles R Us(2 comments)
Get your tween up on that stripper pole, preferably with grandma and a chunky boy clutching a bucket of Diet Pepsi in the other hand. ... more
The IntersectionA growing problem with no solution
In a state with an alarming suicide rate, murder-suicides appear to be increasing as well. more
Go directly to jail
Enter 2009, when many can’t afford to pay their mortgages. And in Las Vegas, where bond is 15 percent of bail (most states are 10 ... more
As Dead Elvis: Did Vegas have a national talk show?
My dad insists there was a national talk show called The Las Vegas Show in the mid- or late ’60s. Yet I couldn’t find any ... more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Shagadelic. more
The IntersectionDon’t call it a downer!
Even at 81, Broadway legend and Phantom director Hal Prince has lost none of his enthusiasm for what he does. more
The Help Desk
La Toya Jackson in danger of losing Las Vegas house to foreclosure, owing $745,670 in unpaid mortgage. Yeah, that La Toya impersonator on the Strip? ... more


NightlifeFong’s, Hogs, Hard Rock: In search of the perfect bar experience
On a quest for the perfect bar experience, criss crossing the city with two fake names and two fake boobs. more
NightlifeThat DJ Dan interview(1 comment)
Celebrating 20 years as a DJ, Dan reflects on his favorite career moments, what it takes for a successful 2x4 set, and the impostor DJ Dan. more
NightlifeWe’ve got spirit
We the People, in order to form a perfect bar, seek to establish Cachaça as “Cachaça, Brazil’s Noble Spirit.” more
Pool-hopping in the time of Metro raids(1 comment)
For the first time in Las Vegas history, hot girls who wanted to take their tops off were turned away. more
NightlifeJR Hahn— Man of mistry
The role of Tao Beach’s water boy is to entertain, to get the party started and to dole out a refreshing mist to the pool’s ... more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentStaking its claim(1 comment)
Bite has all the elements common to Vegas shows - magic, aerialists, dancing, a singer - but it’s got topless vampires, too. more
Arts and Entertainment30-second chinchilla review
Is the fighting chinchilla our new “yo quiero” chihuahua? Our AFLAC duck? And what the hell does it have to do with Vegas? more
Open letter to my favorite radio station
Dear 107.9-FM: You’re airing promos asking listeners what changes they’d like to hear, and I do have a suggestion: How about a tad more musical adventurousness? more
Arts and EntertainmentPost-apocalyptic fun with Dead Neon
Dead Neon wasn’t created to be comedic; the self-described “primitive nuclear rapture doom metal” band was created to promote poetry. more
Arts and EntertainmentWhat to see at Neon Reverb?
A night-by-night festival study guide, so you can catch the best the lineup has to offer. more
Arts and EntertainmentFurther Reverberations
The fall version of Neon Reverb was designed to be far smaller than its spring counterpart, but there are more than 100 acts listed for ... more
Arts and EntertainmentTwo comics J. Caleb Mozzocco says are worth marking your calendar for
Start saving those pennies. Two worthwhile comics are around the corner. more
Arts and EntertainmentBrief, potent
They may be small, but short stories have been getting a lot of ink lately. Here, five of this year’s best collections. more
Arts and EntertainmentOverly measured art
“Measure twice, cut once”—the old proverb that advises one to plan and be careful before taking action - may not be the best advice for ... more
Arts and EntertainmentHipsters: the sitcom
Bored is far too smug and weak-willed to actually be funny, but at least it’s sometimes light on its feet and has few pretensions to profundity. more
Arts and EntertainmentMagical Macbeth
There are few opportunities to work a Las Vegas magician and Shakespeare into the same sentence—most probably involve trickery, irony or metaphor. This one doesn’t ... more
Hummers for your feet!
If it seems a little ironic that slender urban saplings are dressing like Paul Bunyan and the Marlboro Man, well, so what? more
Arts and EntertainmentBringing in Bandits
One great way to discover new music is to let a band crash on your apartment floor. Ten years later, RXB have made numerous trips ... more
Arts and EntertainmentWhy you should see writer Stephen Elliott read from his new book at Laurenn McCubbin’s house(1 comment)
Because Elliot’s new book, The Adderall Diaries, sounds like a great book. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe Weekly playlist: Say Yeah!
Get psyched for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ first Vegas show in seven years with these tunes. more


ScreenGroovy nonsense
Steven Soderbergh transforms corporate malfeasance into zany comedy with The Informant! more
ScreenJennifer’s Body
Maybe it’s a little early to call Diablo Cody a one-trick pony, but, well, she’s a one-trick pony. The screenwriter of Juno’s second screenplay, the ... more
ScreenLorna’s Silence
Belgian filmmaking brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne explore the depths of guilt in their latest film, Lorna’s Silence, an often heart-wrenching story about an Albanian ... more
ScreenIt Might Get Loud
The heavily hyped documentary with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, U2’s The Edge and consummate lo-fi band whore Jack White fails to rise above meandering, minimal-effort ... more
Long unavailable on home video, David Mamet’s 1991 film Homicide remains the most weirdly personal work he’s written directly for the screen, and still ranks ... more

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A mixed makeover
TasteThere are plenty of delicious bites on Khotan’s menu, but stick to the sushi or small plates if you want to be impressed.




CD Cover Shadows Fall
The new Shadows Fall disc, Retribution, doesn’t sound like it was crafted for the radio, or for anyone other than the band’s dedicated fanbase.
CD Cover Circulatory System
Okay, let’s get it out of the way: Jeff Mangum plays on this record, "plays" being the operative word here.
CD Cover Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson
The concept—moony singer-songwriter records intimate series of duets with Page 1 starlet.

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Cocktail of the Week Sep 17, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Run for the Roses

Little known around town (till now), the Bellagio and MGM Grand are the only casinos to participate in the Woodford Reserve Personal Selection program, that is, every so often they ...