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Best in PrintThe gubernatorial scene at a glance
See who’s announced, who will announce and who should announce. read article
Best in PrintSo you wanna be a public servant?
Read this first read article
Best in PrintAt the cinematic mercy of others
What happens when friends, co-workers and complete strangers can inflict movies on a critic read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionMade for each other: Vegas and a T. rex
No city needs a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton more than Las Vegas. more
A pat on our own back: Multiple NPA awards for the Weekly
In the recent Nevada Press Association contest, the Weekly picked up 12 awards, four of them first-places in key categories. more
Amen Corner: Some elected officials actually work!
And you thought your elected officials were all ethically challenged reprobates. Shame on you! Some of them are still working their asses off—or should we ... more
The IntersectionDowntown vs. the ‘burbs: Murder rates surprisingly similar(1 comment)
A look at Metro’s year-to-date homicide stats reveals that, when it comes to murder rates, there’s little separating Downtown from Summerlin? more
The IntersectionOne night, two stories: Slices of life from September 23(1 comment)
An uncomfortable speech at the Fifth Street School Wednesday night or writer Stephen Elliott, barefoot and wearing a gray T-shirt, at a backyard literary event. ... more
Ask Dead Elvis: Did we screw over Las Vegas, NM?
Hey Dead Elvis! Is it true that Las Vegas, New Mexico, was a prospering city long before this Las Vegas came to fruition? more
The IntersectionThis Aubrey O’Day character — is she a firecracker, or what?
The former Danity Kane singer has been on the clock for less than a week in Planet Hollywood’s “Peepshow,” and what a run it’s been already. more
The Help Desk
Las Vegas tourism officials reviving “What happens here” slogan. Apparently they’re going after that demographic that hasn’t seen any movies in the last 10 years, ... more


NightlifeStumbling into Dino’s, the ultimate dive
Where can you meet shitsters (shit + hipsters), sing karaoke and vote for the “drunk of the month?” Only at Dino’s. more
NightlifePlayboy TV looks to Las Vegas for a slice of strip-club reality(1 comment)
Filmed in Vegas at the legendary Palomino Club, King of Clubs follows the Gentile family as they take over the only strip joint with a ... more
NightlifeVegas bartending show served straight up
If Vegas was last year’s dark horse in the running to win the first season of On the Rocks, then Season 2 is shaping up ... more
Ultimate sobering
Coed, fully clothed parking-garage Frisbee, anyone? more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentThe ups and downs of caffeinated booze
BooYa Tequila, Freaky Ice Vodka, Moonshot Beer, Gravity ShotPak Vodka: It’s perfectly legal to have caffeine in your goofy alcoholic beverage. So, why are state ... more
Arts and EntertainmentThe real deal with Wayne Brady
He’s already an actor-singer-dancer-comedian, and Wayne Brady is determined to add even more hyphens to his description. more
Arts and EntertainmentPeepshow: An erotic novelty(1 comment)
It’s not all T&A. Peepshow was created with production values and staging in mind, and from the start, compared amazingly well to a traditional Vegas ... more
Arts and EntertainmentLas Vegas Philharmonic Pops Series’ A Night at the Movies
Film meets Philarmonic at the Pops Series’ A Night at the Movies. more
Arts and EntertainmentArt, by the book
Inscribed/Messages explores the arts entanglement with language, but it also taps into our earliest experiences with pictures and text to produce a powerful experience. more
Arts and EntertainmentVan Morrison at the Joint: A few dry observations
Alcohol was not served during Van Morrison’s concert. Really. more
Arts and EntertainmentSave this concert! (redux)
We still don’t expect to see Leonard Cohen here, but we’re praying! more
Arts and EntertainmentStats from Orange Sheila’s solo-performance return(1 comment)
Orange Sheila is drunk and ready to rock solo again. more
Arts and EntertainmentWill cover for food(1 comment)
Acoustic Soul’s gimmick is simple but impressive: It plays entirely by request, passing out menus featuring hundreds of songs constituting the band’s repertoire. more
Arts and EntertainmentA Kennedy to the end: A memoir by a dynasty’s last lion
We’ve heard the word “epic” summoned so often to describe Ted Kennedy’s life, it’s no surprise he starts his autobiography with a device out of Homer. more
Arts and EntertainmentFive semi-random excerpts from You’re Nobody ’til Somebody Kills You: A Rat Pack Mystery
4. “‘Sleep in my bed, Eddie!’ God, a week ago, if someone had told me I’d hear those words from Marilyn Monroe …” more
Arts and EntertainmentRefresh, Refresh
In 2006, Refresh, Refresh was a short prose story by Benjamin Percy, later published as the title piece in a collection of his work. It’s ... more


ScreenStrong men also cry
Find out what makes Weekly editor Ken Miller cry. more
Zombieland takes everything Shaun did cleverly—the meta-movie references, the love amidst the apocalypse, the forging of a makeshift family to combat unspeakable horrors—and amps it ... more
ScreenLove, Michael Moore-style
If there are two people I never want to see in a motion picture again, they are Michael Moore and some poor, low-paid security guard ... more
ScreenFarewell, CineVegas
Even with CineVegas in limbo, its legacy will remain. more
ScreenBright Star
Here’s the deal: Either you’re the kind of person who’s going to get excited by a movie about the chaste romance between 19th-century poet John ... more
ScreenWhip It
Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut Whip It plays like one pictures a sleepover at Barrymore’s house might unfold. more
ScreenThe Invention of Lying
In The Invention of Lying the universe is skewed; it’s an alternate reality in which lies were never invented. Everyone speaks the truth all the ... more

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Food Fight! The Matzo Ball
TasteMatzo-ball soup is the original cure for whatever ails you, but only the real delis make it just like Bubbie’s. Here, two Valley eateries go soup vs. soup. How do you say en garde in Hebrew?
A hearty discount at Origin India ... but at what price?
TasteOne writer’s ethical dilemma over Yelping in exchange for discounted chicken tandoori.




CD Cover Basement Jaxx
Scars resembles a jumbled hip-hop album—more specifically, the type that relies on cameos to hide a lack of innovation.
CD Cover The Twilight Sad
Not all U.K. bands suck.
CD Cover Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert is still exploring all the facets of her craft, and she’s got plenty of ground left to cover.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Oct 1, 2009
by Xania Woodman

Karma Sutra

Karma Tequila co-founders Devin Semler and Gary Eisenberger were on hand this past Saturday to personally provide celebs including Macy Gray, Chris Daughtry and Rita Rudner with a taste of ...