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Stats from Orange Sheila’s solo-performance return

After a four-year break from solo performances, Orange Sheila returned to the stage. She brought free hugs.
Photo: Bill Hughes

0: Number of solo shows, before tonight, the singer-songwriter has played drunk. “I sound like I’m underwater,” Sheila quips after her first song Friday night at the Square Apple. She’s commenting on the sound levels, but, after almost falling over after one number, she may feel a bit like she’s underwater, too.

3: Songs Sheila actually performs. Technical difficulties ax the originally planned open-mic night and push the musical acts back. Explaining that she doesn’t want to take time away from a scheduled jazz band, Sheila plays two songs, then offers a one-song encore. When the bartender gives her the okay to play even more, Sheila opts not to. “I’m too drunk for more,” she says. “I’m going to give people hugs.”

4: Years since the switch from solo act to one-third of worldbeat group Pan de Sal. “I was tired of writing about really depressing things,” she says. “I decided I wanted to write about people and bigger things.”

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75: Percent of Pan de Sal’s next CD completed. “We’re almost done,” Sheila promises, “but people keep asking us to perform, so we don’t get around to working on it.”


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