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March 4 - March 10
Best in PrintWhy limit the Oscars to movies?
There are lots of things that deserve an award upside the head read article
Best in PrintLook at all the lonely people
In lonesome Vegas, rented friends were probably inevitable read article
Best in PrintWhere style takes a left turn
Inspired by the Sam’s Town 300—Mike Smith’s NASCAR fashion-terrorism sketchbook read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionEveryone into the pool!(1 comment)
Pool parties = liquidity. more
The IntersectionAmen Corner: PopMatters
Gasp! Full service massage parlors outrank book stores in Las Vegas? more
The IntersectionReadin’, writin’, reality(2 comments)
If you have a child in school in Nevada, you might not want to read this. more
The IntersectionCan you hear me … later? CityCenter’s spotty cell-phone reception(1 comment)
What’s the deal with CityCenter’s crappy cell service? more
The IntersectionCritical Divide: Are out-of-town reviewers blinded by the lights?(1 comment)
After Viva Elvis opened, local reviewers were highly critical and out-of-town critics could not have been more thrilled. more
The Help Desk
Lindsay Lohan cancels nightclub hosting gig without explanation. Explanation? It’s Lindsay Lohan. Make up your own, and you’ll probably be right! Guards at Wayne Newton’s ... more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week(1 comment)
Got taquitos? more


NightlifeWhat’s new, Pussycats? (Whoa-wo-whoa)
After five years at Pure, the Vegas Pussycat Dolls hung up their boas with a roar. more
Nightlife“Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe …”(2 comments)
Don’t be late for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at Blue Martini! more
NightlifeForgive me, Father, for I have sinned(2 comments)
What does five years of nightlife reporting do to a woman? more
NightlifeFive things we’re loving about Liquid (1 comment)
We’re positively salivating over the impending arrival of Liquid Pool Lounge at Aria. Here’s why: more
Nightlife Kaskade takes on Sundays at Encore Beach Club (2 comments)
Encore Beach Club is arriving Memorial Day weekend, and it’s bringing Kaskade with it all summer long. more
NightlifeFantasy bull ride
Squeezing your thighs hard against a slick saddle while moving your hips with the bucking of a mechanical bull—that takes skill. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentThree Questions with Ernie Isley
Ernie of The Isley Brothers talks about his experiences with Jimi Hendrix. more
Arts and EntertainmentOverheard at … Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
“Shhhh!” more
Arts and EntertainmentGenre jumble(1 comment)
Farm show blends lots of diverse styles - and it works more
Arts and EntertainmentThe Brett Wesley wow factor
Brett Wesley may not have been at his self-titled gallery when I visited recently, but his enthusiasm was front and center. more
Arts and EntertainmentWe’d like to—hic!—thank the Academy
Awards ceremonies are lame unless you’re playing a drinking game. more
Arts and EntertainmentStories in our naked city
Ordinary people - if you can call an Elvis impersonator ordinary - get naked for Stripped: Greg Fiedler’s Naked Las Vegas. more
Arts and EntertainmentDo you know Dick?
Testing your knowledge of the King of the Surf Guitar, Dick Dale more
Arts and EntertainmentPriceless: The Myth of Fair Value (and How to Take Advantage of It)
Priceless retails for $25.99, but it’s only worth 10 bucks. more
Arts and Entertainment“Designers’ playground”: “RFP” wants you to slow down and look around
“2010 RFP” focuses on artistic endeavors and personal projects, rather than traditional career work. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe truth about Vegas: “Teetering” grapples with the city’s gritty reality
The work in John Bissonette’s exhibition says more about the precarious state of current affairs than words ever could. more


ScreenRoman Polanski delivers a solid political thriller in “The Ghost Writer”
Polanski remains a master craftsman, and he brings a level of skill to this material that raises it above what could have been a trashy thriller. more
ScreenAlice in Wonderland
Burton’s film is more a quasi-sequel and he gives an expected darker tinge to the setting, years after Alice first encountered it as a little girl. more
ScreenMixed results in crime drama “Brooklyn’s Finest”
Brooklyn’s Finest is a bit too ripe and wordy, with careful, calculated talk filling in all the empty spaces. more
ScreenA “Marriage” made in hell
With every new project he takes on, Jerry Seinfeld further demonstrates that he’s lost whatever creative touch made his eponymous sitcom so iconic. more
ScreenJersey Shore” Uncensored
The set—which appears to have been slapped together and shipped out while we still care—promises “uncensored” footage, but words are still bleeped. Still, I can’t ... more

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Zine and the art of Chinese restauranteering
TasteOne of the country’s top-rated Chinese joints is just down the Strip.




CD Cover Liars
It’s pretty much official now: Liars sound best at their spookiest.
CD Cover Broken Bells
At its core, Broken Bells is the ultimate soundtrack for lazy Sundays.
CD Cover Gorillaz
Strong songwriting helped Gorillaz transcend the gimmick tag for two albums. Unfortunately, the group isn’t so lucky this time.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Mar 4, 2010
by Xania Woodman

Now Drink This: Forest Berry Cooler

Wynn/Encore property mixologist Patricia Richards created this “not-too-sweet, refreshing berry cooler-style cocktail” for the twelfth annual Finlandia Vodka Cup finals in Levi, Finland where she finished fourth, the highest finish ...