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May 6 - May 12
Best in PrintTo catch a relative
What if that nationally-sought fugitive is your own flesh and blood? Worse, what happens when you’re the ... read article
Best in PrintThis is all winging it’
Chickengate notwithstanding, GOP Senate candidate Sue Lowden is charting an uncertain course between her party and the fringe read article
Las Vegas Weekly Current Issue

The Intersection

The IntersectionArizona, mon amour
Finally, something Nevada conservatives can get behind! more
Five things we’re thinking about this week
From Pet Smart to Wolf Parade, some thoughts from the Weekly staff. more
The IntersectionSome arts-district businesses are miffed over new ACE bus line
“It’s like pulling the carpet out from underneath somebody.” more
When creationists debate evolutionists, it’s never boring
“Technical”—and passionate—discussions on the origins of everything… and salamanders? more
The IntersectionCrime (kinda) pays
A few questions with former mob lieutenant Frank Cullotta more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Me-ow! more
Dream Zone
“The priest was telling someone to go help that poor alter boy” more


NightlifeMoonlit madness: Pool parties after dark
Dip into these nighttime pool parties! more
NightlifeMeet the Model: Chris Cavanaugh
Wet Republic’s coffee shop-owning Montana girl. more
NightlifeWhat does a girl wear to a post-fight party?
How Mayweather looked so fresh at Studio 54 after fighting 12 rounds, we’ll never understand. more
NightlifeComplimentary Benjamins and Fosse?
Free money is only thing that would explain the massive, pushing, shoving throng of people trying to get into Eve Nightclub around midnight. more
NightlifeHoly cabana swag, Batman!
Getting to relax poolside in a VIP cabana is pretty frickin’ sweet. Free stuff to take home, also sweet. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentDangerous visions
The sketchbooks of artist KD Matheson show the workings of the mind behind some of the most otherworldly images in town. more
Arts and EntertainmentThe JabbaWockeeZ go Strip
Watch out, Vegas. The masked men are coming. more
Arts and EntertainmentLiberace Birthday Week!
Make sure you stop by the museum and toast the ol’ ivory-tickler. more
Arts and EntertainmentDon’t kill “Mockingbird”: A defense of the novel, on its 50th anniversary
I named my sibling cats Scout and Jem. So I might have some trouble being objective about To Kill a Mockingbird more
Arts and EntertainmentWhat’s new Downtown?
The city of Las Vegas has gradually been decreasing its funding for First Friday. more
Arts and EntertainmentSpeaking’ loudly: Latest Bellagio exhibit is the show to see
When you’re part of a multi-billion-dollar corporation and you’re looking to build an exhibit around the Picassos and Renoirs in your collection, what do you do? more
Arts and EntertainmentAcademy fight songs
“Even though the sound wasn’t great, and it wasn’t the biggest crowd, it was nice to do our part by coming and playing a show.” more
Arts and EntertainmentStill hardcore after all these years
For three decades, the Reno-based hardcore punks have been rocking - and influencing - audiences around the world. more
Arts and EntertainmentFive stars of Punk Rock Bowling
The Weekly breaks it down for you. more


ScreenSuperhero balancing act
With all these larger-than-life crime-fighters getting screen time, it’s a wonder “Iron Man 2” has room left for Stark. more
ScreenSecond time’s the charm
“Iron Man 2” didn’t, but some sequels actually improve on their predecessors… more
ScreenVegas’ own Grindhouse-syle film festival
Includes such tantalizing titles as “Slime City Massacre, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, Orgy of Blood” and “Vaginal Holocaust”! more

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Excellence on Top of the World
TasteThe Stratosphere’s sky-scraping restaurant offers a lot more than the city’s best view.
One meal: El Segundo Sol
TasteMexican food for the calorie-conscious.




CD Cover Caribou
Remember, Caribou is the musical project of a Canadian math whiz.
CD Cover Hole
The sound is a continuance of Love’s Celebrity Skin, very West Coast polished and pro
CD Cover Rufus Wainwright
All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu is the intimate, unadorned album fans hoped for


Stripper Karaoke

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  • Stripper Karaoke
  • The New Villas at Caesars Palace
  • 2010 International Lingerie Show
  • Jumping Off the Stratosphere
  • No Bull: Kats Rides the Mechanical Beast
  • The Residences at Mandarin Oriental
  • "Every Guy You Don't Want Me To Be"
  • "She Knows Everything"

Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Apr 15, 2010
by Xania Woodman

Now drink this: Sweet charity

Bellagio mixologist Darren West’s award-winning Passion for Fashion cocktail shows his passion for charitable causes as well. The winner of the Don Q Rum Mix-Off last Monday at Frankie’s Tiki ...