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June 24-July 1
Best in PrintA uniquely Weekly ranking of the personalities who define Las Vegas
In a city fat with boldfaced names, who’s big in our view of this city, and why? ... read article
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The Intersection

The Intersection5 Things We’re Thinking About This Week
Graduation rates, free booze and vuvzelas! more
The IntersectionDon’t speak
It’s as if the Tea Party replaced Return of the Living Dead’s “Brains!” with “Harry Reid!” more
The IntersectionMore O.J.?
O.J.’s back in court … again. more
The IntersectionIt’s in the game
Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter more
The IntersectionThe Weekly takes a test drive
Nevadans are so-so. How do we stack up? more
Whatta you think?
Aside from Facebook, what one website can you NOT live without? more
The IntersectionLeaving a bad taste
Scandal on Top Chef Masters! more
The IntersectionCulture takes a hit
To help reduce an overwhelming deficit, the city of Las Vegas will close Reed Whipple Cultural Center to the public on July 1. more
The IntersectionRandom photo of the week
Who’s ready to recycle? more
Dream Zone
In the corner of a cardboard box was an enormous spider the size of my hand. more


NightlifeIt’s big and coming soon: Larry Flynt’s Hustler Mega Club
The Weekly gets a first tour of the massive erotic events center. more
NightlifeTao Beats she-jay spinoff
The Weekly likes kick-ass chicks, music and free booze. So, we put three of our favorite things together for an upcoming party/DJ competition. more
NightlifeGetting to know: Benny Benassi and Swedish House Mafia
Vegas is getting LA’s leftovers and it’s great! Both SHM and Benassi are stopping by Wet Republic this weekend. more

Arts & Entertainment

Arts and EntertainmentTrust us
What to see, hear, read, go and get more
The checklist: What are you consuming this week?
Scott Dickensheets, Jennifer Cornwaithe, Billy Johnson and Ted Rader chime in more
Arts and EntertainmentNew-look Trifecta
More than five years after opening a gallery in the arts district, Marty Walsh has remained a success story. more
Arts and EntertainmentBanging Yanni’s drum
Who’s Charlie Adams? Longtime drummer for new-age giant Yanni, of course. more
Arts and EntertainmentLyrical longevity
“When I started the parties, I made sure that we focused on attracting real fans.” more
Five random excerpts from “Wanna Get Lucky?,” by Deborah Coonts
“I grew up in a whorehouse. A girl learns to protect herself pretty quick. First time I broke a guy’s nose, I also broke my ... more
Arts and EntertainmentDevo - yes, Devo - christens Vegas’ new music venue
Devo remains one of the weirdest bands on earth. But was the energy-domed “Whip It” crew an ideal fit for Crown Theater’s live-music launch? more
Arts and EntertainmentViva Rock Vegas: Local band showcase
Saturday’s local-band showcase goes down outdoors. Breathe some fresh air and listen to eight acts of varying genres. more


ScreenGrown Ups
We get the usual ancient attempts: faces plowed into piles of excrement, farting, peeing and juvenile stabs at sex talk, while the best humor probably ... more
ScreenSolitary Man
Few things in life are more pathetic than the aging privileged male who bumps up against irrefutable evidence of his own mortality and instantly turns ... more
ScreenTom Cruise and Cameron Diaz can’t quite save “Knight and Day”
Movie-star presence counts for a lot less than it used to. more
The show intersperses footage of C.K. doing stand-up with short vignettes starring the comedian as himself, a middle-aged, divorced father of two young girls. more

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Strip-side barbecue
TasteUntil about seven months ago, it didn’t have an actual barbecue restaurant. Now there are two.
Vegas dining's pied piper
TasteMarcus Sgrizzi has been sharing family recipes and tales of traveling in Italy with his diners for years.
Sweet 'shrooms, dude
TasteQuestionably famous. Absolutely delicious.
Dinner on the diamond
TasteCommunity dining experiment-gone-right Project Dinner Table lands at Cashman Field for the June edition of its locally sourced dinner party.




CD Cover Eminem
Though still rapping like he’s trying to win an Olympic speed trial, he’s not saying anything particularly memorable.
CD Cover The Skooners
Production that avoids being too glossy or too lo-fi gives the music a timeless feel, and the Vegas quintet’s songwriting touchstones are also fad-free.
CD Cover Christina Aguilera
It’s a good thing Christina Aguilera has such an amazing voice, because she has yet to find a coherent musical identity.

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Cocktail of the Week

Cocktail of the Week Jun 28, 2010
by Deanna Rilling

An Effen good cocktail

Now that’s an Effen good cocktail! Design and functionality merged June 23 during Effen vodka’s intimate gathering at Vdara. The premium Holland vodka garners its name from the Dutch word ...