Cragganmore 12 & Macallan Fine Oak 21

$12.50, Strip House, Planet Hollywood


“Yes, we can!” We can drink Scotch with Thanksgiving dinner.

Jono Moratis, vice president and beverage director for the Glazier Group, which owns and operates Strip House, weighed in on the issue: “This year, being anything but normal, I say go for the single-malt Scotch whiskey! ... When having Scotch throughout the meal, I recommend tasting the Scotch neat and then dilute to taste by adding a splash or more of water. This will open and release the flavors and aromas, as well as reduce the sometimes harsh and overpowering characteristics of straight whiskey when paired with food. At Strip House, both the Cragganmore 12-year and the Macallan 21-year Fine Oak are well suited to the turkey task. The smoky, peaty, herbal, citrus aromas and flavors of the single malts will complement the seasoning and spices of roasted turkey and stuffing.” Òlamaid deoch-slàinte!


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