Cocktail of the Week

Fever Stimulation Beverage

$14 for four 14-oz. bottles, $39.99 for 12 at or GNC stores


With just 130 calories per serving, Fever Stimulation Beverage is said to be “making healthy sexy.” And despite its containing 34 milligrams of caffeine, Fever prefers not to be lumped in with energy drinks. Rather, it generates a feeling of warmth and stimulation and makes your feelings seem more intense, thanks to an ingredients list that reads like a mad scientist’s shopping list.

All three varieties are fruity, almost tea-like and sweet. Though Fever suggests combining the kiwi/strawberry with orange vodka, Triple Sec and cranberry, and the mango/banana with Triple Sec, vodka, berry punch and a splash of soda, I fancy mixing the pineapple/coconut with rum for a piña colada-like treat. It’s just a bonus that the metal container looks great on your desk.


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