East meets gin in Bombay Sapphire’s new spirit

It’s new, it’s spicy and it’s smooth. What’s not to like?

Gin drinkers, raise your glasses. For the first time in a quarter-century, Bombay Sapphire is releasing a new spirit, one that adds some punch to the brand’s classic London dry gin.

Made with 12 botanicals, Bombay Sapphire East ($22.99) celebrated its Las Vegas launch last September 23 at a cocktail party inside Jose Andres’ China Poblano at the Cosmpolitan. The gin has a warm citrus flavor thanks to the addition of Thai lemongrass and Vietnamese peppercorn, two tasty ingredients you won’t find in standard-issue gin. During the party, bartenders treated guests to a variety of East-infused libations, which you can mix up at home using the recipes below.

Sapphire Lemongrass and Elderflower Collins

2 oz. Bombay Sapphire East

3/4 oz. Lemon juice

1/2 oz. St. Germain


Muddle lemongrass sliced up. Build all with cubed ice, charge with soda and serve in a highball.

Cheung Po the Kid

1 1/2 oz. Bombay Sapphire East

1/2 oz. Yellow Chartreuse

1/2 oz. Plymouth Sloe Gin

1/2 oz. Lemon juice

Top with house made ginger beer (or some good stuff you bought at the store, if you don't feel like cranking out a batch of your own)

Build in a collins glass over ice and stir to mix. Garnish with lemon grass straw (this is done by hollowing out a piece of lemon grass and inserting a plastic straw inside that pops out above the top).

The Ultimate Gin & Tonic

2 oz. Bombay Sapphire East


Lemon rind

Ice sphere (or cubes)

Slice 4 inches lemon rind thinly and twist it inside the glass before dropping in. Add 1 ice sphere. In glass, add a couple of juniper berries, one whole edible flower (no petals), one very thin lime wheel and one verbena sprig. Add gin and tonic.

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