The Wynn’s Aphrodite cocktail is liquid flirtation

Want to feel good this February 14? The Aphrodite is a good start.
Photo: Sarah Feldberg

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and love, and she’s often depicted nude with voluptuous curves and come-hither eyes. It makes sense, then, that she gets a little extra attention come the second week of February. This year, the goddess even has her own namesake cocktail at Wynn’s Parasol Up & Down bars.

On the menu from February 10-14, the Aphrodite ($18) by master mixologist Patricia Richards does everything a Valentine’s Day cocktail should do. Champagne lends the drink a flirty presence, while Absolut Raspberri and organic raspberry syrup add just a hint of fruit, and a rim of dried raspberry and sugar finishes things off on a sweet note. It’s dangerously easy drinking, and as Richards puts it, “all about feeling good.” Which is exactly how we should all be feeling come February 14.



4 oz. Perrier Jouët Grand

Brut Champagne

.5 oz. Absolut Raspberri vodka

.5 oz. Flavorganics organic raspberry syrup (available at Whole Foods)

1 raspberry

Dried raspberries

Extra fine sugar

Method: Pulverize the dried raspberries in a food processor with sugar to taste. Rim a champagne flute with a thin rim of the raspberry/sugar mixture (the color should be dark pink). Build cocktail, by first pouring the vodka, then the syrup and finishing with the champagne. Garnish with one fresh raspberry.

Photo of Sarah Feldberg

Sarah Feldberg

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