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Jump start your morning with the I Heart Mary

Photo: Steve Marcus
Sabrina Chapman

There’s nothing better to nurse a Las Vegas hangover than a fresh Bloody Mary. I Heart Burgers at Town Square presents the I Heart Mary ($8), a vodka/tomato juice combo that makes for ultimate hair-of-the-dog bliss.

It used to be that truly good Bloody Mary mix was a chore to make from scratch; however, Demitri’s user-friendly seasoning is spicy and zesty with hints of chili and black pepper.

The final touch that puts the love into the I Heart Mary is a slice of crispy grilled bacon. What better to satisfy that morning-after thirst and hunger? So get the pork cracklin’ and mix up a batch at home, or visit bar manager Tammy Patterson at I Heart Burgers for a hangover helper with a smile.

I Heart Mary


2 oz. Ketel One vodka

3 oz. Bloody Mary mix (see below)

1 slice of bacon

Demitri’s Bacon RimShot!


Gently moisten the rim of a 12 oz. glass, then press into saucer of Demitri’s Bacon RimShot! Add ice to the glass. Combine Bloody Mary mix with vodka in a shaker and shake. Pour mixture into glass and garnish with a strip of crispy bacon. For Bloody Mary mix: Mix 32 ounces of tomato juice with two ounces of Demitri’s Classic Recipe Bloody Mary Seasoning.


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