Sunny in Vegas: Q&A with a porn star

Sunny Leone at Tabu Ultra Lounge inside the MGM Grand.
Tabu Ultra Lounge

No city in the world is better equipped to house a poolside porn expo than Las Vegas.

After all, we boast a number of sexy pool clubs; we're only a hop, skip and jump away from porn capital Los Angeles; and we already play host to the blown-out ridiculousness that is the Adult Entertainment Expo held at the beginning of each year.

On June 10-11, Hard Rock Hotel will host XFANZ Expo — the world's first-ever outdoor erotica event, which will feature more than 80 of the industry's stars... outside. The Weekly caught up with headliner Sunny Leone, who will be chilling in the MyFreeCams.com cabana, to talk with the brunette beauty about her upcoming films and her beloved fans.

What are your current projects?

I'm working on a movie called Gia: Portrait of a Porn Star. It basically follows a girl from the moment she gets into the modeling world, her transition into adult and everything that she does from there — all the turns and ups and downs. It's different from any other movie that I've done.

In what way?

I haven't done a whole lot of acting-type movies where I am the lead character. My selection in men that I have sex with in my movies is few and far between. It's really hard for Vivid or some of these really large movies to cast someone who only wants to have sex with one person. So, this is like my baby. I'm showing everybody that I can still have sex with the same person and fans are still going to buy my movie. It's not always about who's doing the deed. Sometimes it is about the characters and watching this person go through her life. Hopefully they're not staring at the guy....


XFANZ Summer Expo
June 10, Noon to 9 p.m., $30-$50
Hard Rock Pool

Does Gia mirror your journey into the industry?

Not at all, actually. I am very fortunate in the adult industry. I don't really have horror stories or things that have gone bad. Gia is a combination of all the good things that have happened to me in my career, plus, all the horror stories I've heard throughout the last 10 years that I've been in the industry. So, it's fictional, but it's based on true events.

You also own your own production company. How's that going?

October will mark two years. So, it's really new, but it's going well. It's nice to be recognized by the industry. People like my movies and the stuff that I'm producing. The latest movie that I just released is All Sunny, All The Time. Every scene has me in it, which is something that I've never done before. I didn't know how it was going to do, but it's doing very well and getting great reviews.

Sunny Leone.

Sunny Leone.

What sets XFANZ Summer Expo apart from a bigger porn convention like the Adult Entertainment Expo?

It is all about hanging out with fans in a different way than at a (typical) show. At a show we meet them, we sign what they want us to sign, and we talk to them for maybe 30 seconds. Then, in two minutes, they're off to the next girl. There, it is a race to get everything.

Is it also nice getting to interact with other adult entertainers?

Yeah. It's rare that we have a show where we can all just hang out and we're not stuck at a booth. XFANZ is a pool party. Everyone is going to hang out with everyone — drinking, having fun and being able to talk of my fans, which is really important. I know that most of the girls I do business with do appreciate their fans. Mixing the two together has never really been done in this way. I don't see how it can't do well because who doesn't want to go to a pool party with some of the hottest girls in the industry. It's just a no-brainer.

I hear they'll be a bikini contest.

I know! I'm hoping to be a judge!


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