(Never) leaving Las Vegas

33 days. 33 Strip hotels. Can a British journalist survive?

An aerial tour of the Las Vegas Strip.
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Ah, those wacky Brits. Paul Carr, a self-effacing journalist and self-described “writer who lives permanently in hotels,” is really sacrificing his body for the sake of great journalism, staying 33 nights in Las Vegas, each night at a different Strip property.

Actually, Carr’s had quite a bit of practice already. And actually, this is a stunt to promote his upcoming book, Upgrade: The Cautionary Tale of a Life Without Reservations, a detailed account of his yearlong stays in hotels across the globe. (Hey, the guy calls himself a “new media whore” in his first book, Bringing Nothing to the Party. Who are we to disagree?)

Carr will be blogging every single day of his Vegas adventure, as well as tweeting. As of this writing, he's on Day Two. His blog can be found on the Huffington Post. Follow him on Twitter @paulgoestovegas.

Upgrade won’t be published in the states until 2012, so look at this as a preview of the book. But if the first two blogs are any indication, this is likely to be some of Carr’s most restrained writing, as the previously hedonistic writer gave up the bottle in 2009 and will face Las Vegas—for only the second time in his many visits here—sober.

Carr also approaches this project from a distinct angle—that foreigners such as himself love Las Vegas, while that Americans loathe it. Not sure where that conclusion came from, but it will be interesting to see if he manages to prove or disprove it over the next 30-some days.

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