LMFAO’s DJ Redfoo launches his Party Rock residency this Monday

LMFAO often rocks the party right here in Vegas, but DJ Redfoo (right) is bringing the Party Rock experience to you monthly.

Ready for some “Shots,” Las Vegas? LMFAO’s infamous Party Rock will now be a monthly fixture at the Cosmo, as DJ Redfoo launches his residency at Marquee on January 31. The LMFAO-er discusses his new nightlife venture, his affection for Sin City and more. So what about Miami? You’re in Las Vegas, bitch!

You’ve played Vegas a lot. How do you like Sin City?

I love Vegas, Vegas is probably my favorite place. People go there to party, to be entertained, and to have a crazy, wild time. That’s the purpose of going there … Also, the entertainment value is at the highest level I’ve ever seen – with all the shows that they put on there, the casinos, the customer service, the hotels … A lot of people are imitating around the world what Vegas offers. It’s the entertainment capital of the world, as far as I’m concerned.

What is Party Rock?

The Party Rock … it’s an experience, it’s a lifestyle. We feel that it’s a way of celebrating life, it’s a way of partying … Vegas is a perfect place for us to live this lifestyle and play with it … Vegas is the best place to do it.

Why did you decide to bring the Party Rock experience to Vegas on a monthly basis? Why Marquee?

The Details

Party Rock Monday
January 31, doors open 10 p.m.
$20 cover, locals free
Marquee, 333-9000

The reason why it’s once a month is it’s needed to be. You need to Party Rock once a month. And we feel like the party will get so phenomenal that even if you’re close to Vegas, you’ll make a trip out there. “Oh it’s Monday, I have to go fly to Vegas.” If you’re in LA, if you’re in San Diego, if you’re in San Francisco. We feel like people that are an LMFAO fan or a Party Rock fan will actually plan a trip …

Jason Strauss was the perfect partner … because he understands that. He’s built great brands, and he understands the balance between entertainment and customer service.

Is there anything special or different that your fans can look forward to seeing/hearing only at Marquee?

They’re going to get the Party Rock experience, meaning that they’re going to get music controlled by us … I get to control the music and can take people on a roller coaster ride. We have our DJ, DJ Air, doing a set … the whole night is programmed Party Rock. And so are all the visuals, it’ll be like you’re in a whole other world. You’ll get to check out and be in Party Rock.

And you’ll be able to express yourself. You’ll be able to wear your animal print and you can wear your no-lens glasses. Or you can dress party animal and … kind of let your freak out, so to speak, because you’re going to see me doing the same … the whole party rock crew is going to be there doing the same. You’re going to feel comfortable dancing and getting crazy. Where another club, it may be so bougie that you may want to dance, but you don’t want to get that crazy because no one else is.

Have you selected anyone else to help you bring the Party Rock experience to Marquee?

We’ve got DJ Lucky Lou, and, you know, DJ Air is the LMFAO DJ. And we’ve got PS1 … a mood swing DJ who’s one of my favorites. They’re all considered Party Rock-approved DJs. They play a certain way that is, you know, it’s kind of open format, but it has the energy … I will definitely comb through everybody’s playlists and say, “Hey man, you’ve got to at least play these songs,” or, “These are the songs I’m playing, so don’t play these. But play all the things that I didn’t play.” It’s very systematic and structured. However, when you’re there, you feel like it was crazy, like there was no structure. The whole thing is—from the opener to what the cocktail waitresses will be wearing, what the go-gos will be wearing, when they go on, when they go off … To me, that’s what Vegas is.

Will SkyBlu be joining you for any of your confirmed dates? Are any other special appearances planned?

On occasion, in the future. But this really is a Redfoo residency and I’ve been, you know, doing a lot of solo gigs. We both do a lot of solo gigs, me and Sky … It just depends on the event … We may do Party Rock at Marquee in March and it may have a performance by LMFAO, you know, Redfoo and SkyBlu. So we’re open for all that stuff … We have the clothing line, Party Rock, so we might do an after party there during Magic or something. There’s just all these types of events … That’s the beauty of this whole situation, there’s so many brands under the Party Rock umbrella that there’s a lot of reasons that people will want to go to Party Rock at Marquee.

Have you been to Marquee yet? What do you think about the club?

You know what? It’s funny—I’ve been traveling, I just got back from Asia. Everybody in the whole Party Rock crew has been there but me. They’ve all given me detailed feedback on what it’s like and the sound system. I’m going to go in a day early and do a whole sound check and make sure that all the bells and whistles are ringing loud. But I’ve heard nothing but great things about it.


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