Three apps to download right now

Drink, learn and play like the Weekly staff

Find cheap cocktails with Klinq, learn a language with MindSnacks and waste time with Dots.

Klinq (free)

You never have to worry about going to the wrong happy hour again. That’s because with the locally developed Klinq app, you’re always close to lucrative drink specials. The “social beverage network” launched June 1, is available on iPhone and Android and currently boasts more than 150 participating venues throughout Nevada, California and Mexico (99-cent Captain Morgan at Remedy’s? Score!). Learn more about the cocktail crusade at Klinq’s philanthropic Social Sips event July 13 at the Gold Spike (more info at goklinq.com/events). –Mark Adams

MindSnacks ($4.99)

Lately, I’ve been learning Portuguese at the airport. I review days of the week at the doctor’s office and study travel vocabulary while I wait for lunch. If you see me tapping frantically at my phone and talking to myself, it’s likely because I’m playing with MindSnacks, an educational app that disguises language lessons in easy-to-play games that encourage pronunciation, spelling and speedy recall. Available in seven languages and subjects like SAT prep, the app offers 50 levels for $4.99 and focuses on vocab mastery, so you’ll never confuse the word for “toilet” with the word for “hospital.” Priceless. –Sarah Feldberg

Dots (free)

The most addictive games are also the simplest. Solitaire, FarmVille, Tap Fish … and now Dots. I play this game in bed, on the toilet, between sets at the gym and while I’m watching TV. I can’t stop playing it—and I don’t even have an addictive personality. The rules are simple: Connect the dots before time runs out. Sound dumb? Try it yourself. Just don’t get pissed at me when you start neglecting everything else in your life. –Rick Lax


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