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Dream Zone: ‘I kept morphing into different animals’

I kept morphing into different animals. Each animal was like a progression to the next level up. I went from a deer to a wolf to a tiger and then a hawk. These people were trying to capture me, but when I became the hawk I was able to soar and none of them could reach me or even get close.Lacie 24, Salt Lake City, UT

Lauri: All the morphing in this dream suggests you and/or your life has been changing. The animals are clues as to what these changes are. The deer suggests you may have started out feeling victimized, the wolf means you then decided to take on the mind-set of a predator rather than victim and that seems to have led you to discovering your feminine prowess, symbolized by the tiger. And the final transformation is very fitting, a hawk. You have risen above and freed yourself from that which had you playing the victim. Have you realized that you are above certain lowly behaviors and attitudes and, just as no one could touch you in the dream, do you now feel you will no longer allow yourself to be trapped in bad situations or bad relationships?

Lacie replies: Wow! I would say that is right on point. I have had a TON of changes in my life. I finally got the raise I’ve been working my butt off for. There was a lot of drama with that and I did feel like a victim and like I wasn’t being rewarded. I also just moved into my own apartment. I would say that all this has given me a lot of confidence in myself. That is interesting about the deer to wolf morph because I had just come across a quote that said, don’t be a victim, be a warrior. Kinda crazy!

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