Star Trek Slumber Party!


Is there anything else to say after Star Trek Slumber Party? Because, to this girl, the thought of rocking my squirrel-monkey slippers (they’re a thing) with a crisp Starfleet uniform among others who own Captain Picard dolls is just too good. Las Vegas’ nerd-out capital, the Sci Fi Center, has done it again with a sleepover that highly encourages costumes and includes trivia, prizes and viewings of favorite episodes across the franchise (“even the animated series is fair game”). So if you haven’t seen every episode of Star Trek enough times to parrot for a crowd, this is your chance to bone up. The event is projected to end at midnight, but Sci Fi Center big cheese William Powell promises to “keep it going as long as I have stuff to show and people there who want to see it.”

Star Trek Slumber Party December 19, 8 p.m., free, Sci Fi Center, 702-792-4335.

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