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DIIV at Bunkhouse, Hopped Golf, Melissa Etheridge at FSE and more stuff to do this week

DIIV plays the Bunkhouse on Tuesday, August 23.
Illustration: Jon Estrada
    • Hopped Golf at Topgolf

      Motley Brews (Great Vegas Festival of Beer) is the innovative driver behind Topgolf’s new craft beer experience. Sip and sample more than 20 brews from Joseph James, Ninkasi, Uinta, Alaskan, Abita, Four Peaks, Woodchuck Cider and more at the inaugural event. You’ll be able to take your beer to the pub games or swing inside one of five golf bays. Even if you’re too buzzed to keep track, each golf ball contains hi-tech microchips that’ll record accuracy and distance. Beer and birdies have never paired so perfectly. August 19, 7 p.m., $30. –Rosalie Spear

    • Ceremony at 11th Street Records

      The NoCal punks—who sounded less like the hardcore outfit of their early years than the band they were named for, Joy Division, on their 2015 LP The L-Shaped Man—hop off a tour with Touché Amoré for a cozy Downtown gig with locals Unfair Fight and Moon Blood. August 20, 7 p.m. $10-$12. –Spencer Patterson

    • Melissa Etheridge at Fremont Street Experience

      Following the premiere of her cover of the Sam & Dave hit “Hold On, I’m Coming,” from upcoming tribute album Memphis Rock and Soul, the singer-songwriter heads to the Experience for a free show as part of the Rock of Vegas concert series. August 20, 9 p.m. 3rd Street Stage, free. –Leslie Ventura

    • KUSO Project at Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery

      In Taiwan, the term for silly or campy web memes is kuso. It’s the jumping-off point for KUSO Project, a group show featuring the works of 12 young Taiwanese artists, presented by UNLV’s Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery in conjunction with Hungkuang University and Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture. Here, kuso is interpreted through a variety of mediums—painting, photography, video and more—and its imagery is what you get when you fall asleep dreaming of Reddit: lifejacket-garbed Polars huddled together on a floating chunk of ice, a plastic-faced girl peering into a mirror dimension and other sublime visuals inspired by the Internet hive mind. August 22-September 30. Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; free. –Geoff Carter

    • DIIV at the Bunkhouse

      Let’s get this out of the way: DIIV is pronounced DIVE, which is less pretension than legal necessity. DIIV was actually DIVE when it was essentially the bedroom act of singer/guitarist Zachary Cole Smith. Then in 2012, he discovered there was already a Belgian electronic/industrial band named Dive … and a New Jersey rock band named Dive … and maybe he also stumbled upon the Swedish duo Dive, too. So DIVE became DIIV and rose to the indie ranks with its post-punk/New Wave-inspired debut, Oshin, followed by this year’s Is the Is Are. If you’re familiar with Sirius’ XMU station, you know the alternatively blissful and agitated tracks “How Long Have You Known,” “Dopamine” and “Under the Sun”—which you should sing with Smith if DIIV plays them this Tuesday. With Party Talk, Dark Black, DJ Fish. August 23, 9 p.m. $15-$20. –Mike Prevatt

    • Beach House at House of Blues

      Three questions with Beach House singer Victoria Legrand:

      You released two albums last year. What was the thought behind dropping Thank Your Lucky Stars unexpectedly, and so shortly after Depression Cherry? With technology, it’s hard to have a secret in this world. It’s all sort of chic if you can surprise people.

      You’ve been a band for more than 10 years. How much has touring changed for you in that time? Our first few tours, there was definitely an innocence being in a van. Bus touring is not glamorous; it’s really intense, actually. Van touring is [some] of the best touring we’ve ever done. We’d have the band we were touring with in the van with us. You’re selling the merch yourself, playing small venues. … On our first tour we were bringing actual organs with us. It’s very difficult to tour with an organ.

      You have a setlist creator on your website. Do you actually use it? Absolutely, every single show. People vote for the songs and pick the ones they want. It lets us have more of a personal sense and feeling for our audience. We would never just play the same setlist every night. ... I like that people use it. It’s sweet. People care. Beach House with Entrance. August 24, 9 p.m., $25, House of Blues. –Leslie Ventura

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