Game on! Five video games that could fill a bigger screen

This week’s Resident Evil finale, The Final Chapter, is likely to suck.
Todd Hailstone

Video game movies have a long history of spottiness (see: the recent, poor Assassin’s Creed and this week’s likely-to-suck Resident Evil finale, The Final Chapter). Here are five games that could actually work well onscreen.

1. Red Dead Redemption John Marston’s bloody yarn of high-noon duels and saloon shootouts could make an outstanding Western. The deep cast of quirky characters might have to be pared down, okay provided the fast-talking Nigel West Dickens makes an appearance.

2. Metroid Watch video games’ original female protagonist, Samus Aran, blast her way through the planet Zebes. Include the dark-ambient soundtrack and claustrophobic setting of the NES classic and you’d have a sci-fi thriller that would make Ellen Ripley proud.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Featuring Zelda as a cross-dressing badass, a time-hopping Link and a third-act plot twist most won’t see coming.

4. Life is Strange The characters are more believable than most of Hollywood’s these days, and the story—about a private school girl who can turn back time—practically adapts itself.

5. Bioshock A film about wealthy elitism, rampant objectivism and a capitalist utopia crumbling to nightmarish dystopia might strike the right chord given the state of the real world today.

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