From Chris Rock to Mel Brooks, big names descend on the Boulevard

Jason Scavone
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      As Gilbert Gottfried helpfully pointed out in the greatest roast of the Comedy Central era, “If you have any proof Bob Saget raped and killed a girl in 1990, stop gossiping about it and go straight to the police.” Full House will follow Saget to his grave, which you get the feeling only fuels his sociopathic filth. The man was born to be in The Aristocrats, and psyching yourself up with his 10-plus-minute version is a good way to get in the right headspace. May 26, Brooklyn Bowl.

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      It’s been nearly 10 years since his last special—and at least two Adam Sandler movies—but Rock is finally back out there ($40 million from Netflix for a pair of specials will do that). Early reviews hint that it’s some of Rock’s most personal work, delving into the reasons for his recent divorce. Didn’t he already lay the track for that in Bring the Pain, with “a man is basically as faithful as his options”? June 10, Park Theater.

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      T.J. MILLER

      His turns on Crashing and Silicon Valley let Miller revel in his signature style as a selfish, occasionally well-meaning d-bag, but he was bringing the heat as a stand-up long before his career-defining turn opposite Justin Timberlake and Dan Aykroyd in Yogi Bear. June 24, Mirage.

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      Come on, we don’t need to give you a reason, do we? Brooks, who will just have celebrated his 91st birthday when he performs his first headlining show in Vegas (what?!), is the finest living comedy mind on the planet. He could stand onstage and tell stories about the catering on Young Frankenstein and it’d be worth the dough. June 30 & July 1, Encore Theater.

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