Your prescription delivery packaging may now be recyclable


Prescription delivery can be a godsend for those who can’t visit the pharmacy. But those convenient packages come at a hidden cost to the environment. They traditionally requires a vast amount of wasteful packaging—think bulky, nonrecyclable Styrofoam—to prevent sensitive medications from baking on the front porch.

OptumRx, which has a Las Vegas home delivery facility, has taken a step in favor of the environment (as well as human patients) by introducing 100 percent recyclable packaging.

“Our new packaging ensures each shipment maintains the highest standard of quality and effectiveness, while reducing the environmental footprint of our medication home delivery services,” Jon Mahrt, OptumRx chief of operations, said in a statement.

OptumRx will be using cotton, which is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. The change will save energy, water and carbon dioxide. So far, the Las Vegas facility has shipped approximately 50,000 prescriptions in the new packaging.

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