CineVegas 2009

Easier with Practice

Davy in Easier with Practice
Benjamin Spacek

Struggling writer Davy (Geraghty) is on the road with his brother, Sean (O’Neill), promoting his collection of short stories. One night in a motel room, after Sean has stepped out for a while, the phone rings. An unsuspecting Davy picks it up and is confronted with the sexy voice of an audacious woman who immediately propositions him for phone sex.

CineVegas 2009

Easier with Practice
Three and a half stars
Brian Geraghty, Kel O’Neill, Marguerite Moreau.
Directed Kyle Patrick Alvarez
Easier with Practice
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The setup may sound cheap and tawdry, but writer-director Alvarez soon reveals his film to be of a deeply personal nature. As the bewildered, coy and smitten Davy, Geraghty gives an affecting performance. The woman’s name is soon revealed to be Nicole, and Davy’s long-distance and entirely verbal relationship with her soon becomes very palpable.

The film starts out uncomfortable, and only becomes more so throughout its spontaneous, romantic and sexy passages. It’s very much about fantasy, yet it’s full of awkward, real and funny moments. The twist ending may deliver a strong kick in the crotch to Davy and viewers alike, but you have to credit Alvarez for his integrity. Sometimes, that’s just the way love goes.


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