You could spend 20 hours watching the entire Tolkien saga, or …

Ramble On” off Led Zeppelin II is a great song in its own right, but are you ready to listen to it 261 times?

You could hold a Peter Jackson/Tolkien marathon this holiday season (six films: 19 hours, 54 minutes). Or you could use that time to …

• Fly from Las Vegas to Auckland, New Zealand (16 hours, 30 minutes), then drive two hours to Matamata, home to the series’ Shire and Hobbiton movie set.

• Listen to Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On”—which references Gollum, Mordor and the Evil One (Sauron)—261 times in a row.

• Write a piece of inappropriate LOTR fan fiction about Merry and Pippin.

• Listen to the audiobook version of The Fellowship of the Ring (19 hours, 11 minutes), with time left over for a few “pipe-weed” breaks.

• Knit a small dog a sweater that looks like Bilbo’s mithril, if you have skills.

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  • Solo: A Star Wars Story opens Valleywide on May 25.

  • Movie screens are becoming more like TVs, and robots will serve you frozen yogurt.

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