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Dray, his art head for Atlanta

The Nurtured” by Dray.

He already took it down,” gallery owner Leslie Rowland said this week of an exhibit by the artist Dray. “He took it down [after First Friday] because he left town.” For those who keep an eye on the arts district, Dray’s departure—for Atlanta—changes the metabolism of the scene a little. He sometimes seemed ubiquitous: starting the Five Finger Miscount collective; fighting rezoning on Colorado Street; painting murals; exhibiting frequently.


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But dedication takes a toll, and Vegas doesn’t always return the love. “I remember the gallery director of [Markman Gallery] telling me how tough it was to sell art in Las Vegas,” Dray told the Weekly by e-mail. “Here it is close to nine years later, and I wish I could disagree with him.” It’s not that he’s lost faith in the city; it’ll grow, he says. “But I can’t wait for Las Vegas to graduate. I’ve made the best of my experience here.” Time to try somewhere else.

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